Wednesday morning

Yesterday was another day that started well and ended in rain. I managed to get one load of washing out and dry but then the weather changed and it began to rain which put pay to any gardening ideas I had.  The large gammon steaks were divided in half and we ate half for lunch and the second half for supper.  My vegetable box had arrived early so I prepared the bunch of beetroots in a way I had never before tried. I peeled them raw then grated them and cooked them with butter and a couple of teaspoons of vinegar.  I left them just a fraction crisp and they were unlike any other beetroot I had ever had.  I actually enjoyed them for a change!!!!  to go along with the beetroots I did a couple of ears of sweet corn which I took off the cob and also cooked in a little butter and pepper once they had been boiled.  While I was in a cooking mood I did the ingredients for the salmon pie as the filling needs to be cold before adding to the filo crust.  This will be our lunch today if all goes according to plan.

I made a tentative start on my wardrobe but soon found an excuse to abandon the whole idea - I will get round to it some time but not willingly.  I am very easily distracted from jobs I don't want or like doing.  This morning I am up very early at 3.00 which is too early even for me so I think I will go back to bed and see if I can catch a couple more hours before the sun comes up.  Sunrise is at about 6.30 so plenty of time left to catch a few more zzzz.  

In the meantime hope you are all still fast asleep and I will continue this later .............
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