Wednesday morning

This is horribly early this morning so I may just scribble a few words and retire back to bed. Yesterday was a busy day with both Mark and Dennie arriving at 8am and work getting well underway.  The ingredients were all prepared for our Mexican lunch and for supper we just had a plate of soup made from leftovers and a few borlotti beans from the garden.  

Mark was largely tasked with cutting back shrubs which had really overgrown and tidying up things which should be neatly cut like the cupressus arch and the bay trees.  Fortunately it stayed dry but the wind was bitterly cold even mark had to put a jacket on.  We had a couple of showers but not until later in the evening.  Dennie did her usual blast through leaving us all clean and tidy.  I fiddled with bits in the garden and also in the house.  Mike had stripped off his bed and it is always so much easier to make the bed with two people so Dennie and I made short work of that while he went to Maidstone to buy some chicken food which is still in the car and today will get shifted to the shed at the far end of the garden.  

By lunchtime I was tired and took myself off to bed for a rest and to do a quiet bit of knitting but no sooner had I dropped off when I got a bout of cramp in my feet which woke me and put pay to any real sleep.  Consequently I was very tired and fell asleep early last night and here I am now at stupid o'clock wide awake.  I really wish I could sleep in a more sensible fashion but I am just pleased that I get enough sleep all be it at the wrong times.  

Today for lunch we are going to have some trout fillets with cucumber sauce and new potatoes and a salad so very little preparation is needed.  I have a big pile of laundry which will keep me out of mischief and give me something to do.  According to the weather forecast it is supposed to be dry but cloudy which is fine for washing but it won't be long before we are drying indoors again.  I do hope we have not seen the last of some sunshine and warmth.

Well I am beginning to feel a bit sleepy so I think I will give the bed another go and see if I can get a couple more hours before I set forth on the days chores.  Interestingly the dogs completely ignore me when I get up at silly times they very definitely don't get up until it is light.

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