Tuesday morning

Good morning all a bit later this morning back to the usual 4am.  Yesterday was a non day for me having got up so early I did all the kitchen preparation work and the laundry by 8am and by then I was ready to go back to bed.  I tried to get some sleep but it proved impossible so I gave up and cooked the cottage pie that I had prepared which we had with some curly kale for lunch.  I did at least manage to finish knitting one sock and start the second while I watched loads of stuff I had recorded.  

Mike went out for a jaunt in his new little car and is feeling a bit better about it.  Having driven the land rover for so long, which has to be the easiest car in the world, he is adjusting back to a more active driving situation.  For one thing he has to remember the hand brake which he hasn't used in years.  I spent some time on the phone to the insurance company and managed to retrieve about £400 from them so my day was not wasted.  Back in April Mike had let the land rover roll against another car at some lights.  The coming together was not violent enough to move the dust from the bumpers however the other cars occupant was a youngster who had just passed her test and was in her mother's car.  She reported the accident and so we had a claim outstanding against us, nothing had come of this but the insurance company had just loaded the premiums to suit.  Once I had got this sorted they found that they needed to repay a large chunk of premium for both the landrover and the new Smart.  It just goes to show that you do need to keep your fingers on the pulse or they will happily rob you blind.  The last time I spoke to them they assured me that the money would be automatically refunded if nothing was forthcoming from the other party by the end of the month. Fool that I am I took them at their word and didn't chase them: I only found out when I went to insure the new car.

As we had had a substantial lunch supper was an afterthought.  I had a piece of puff pastry leftover from the tarte tatins I had made so I rolled it to a rectangle.  I scored a border round it and filled the middle with halved cherry tomatoes and some cheddar cheese then liberally scattered on some basil leaves and a splash of olive oil.  Fifteen minutes in a red hot oven and supper was ready.  I have no idea what you would call this either it is a pizza, wrongly made, or a tomato tart anyway it was very tasty and used up the leftover pastry and some of the abundance of cherry tomatoes.

Today is going to be a busy one, Mark is coming to do some gardening and I am hoping he and I can fix the gate to the chicken run which is on the blink.  I also want the runner beans taken down so that I can prepare the bed for its winter sleep.  Dennie is coming to give the house a birthday so I need to have a run round and tidy up so that she can see what needs doing.  I have taken out a pot of bolognese sauce so we can have a quick lunch and not monopolise the kitchen.  The contents of my veg box leads me to think some sort of Mexican salsa might be in order for supper.
  • rebellion tomatoes 
  • red onions 
  • complimentary coriander 
  • red ramiro peppers 
  • avocados 
  • cucumber 
  • mixed salad leaves 
  • cos lettuce 
Some tortillas and a few other bits and bobs should complete the menu.  If I am clever and make a reasonable quantity there should be enough for the men for lunch tomorrow while I am out at Shiona's.  I must admit I am really looking forward to a day off from my roll of wife and mother. The dogs will be coming with me and Sandi is bringing her dogs so there will be 6 of them to keep us amused while we play with the apples.

Well that is the plan for today, according to the weather forecast it should be another lovely day which I intend to enjoy while it lasts.

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