Tuesday Morning

Thank you for the comments Beth it does give me a sense of purpose if I have some feedback and Joy and Anne you are my regular contributors so you were not meant to be included.  I was feeling a little forlorn yesterday but a brisk walk out with the dogs soon dispelled any black clouds hanging over me.  The weather was really lovely, it was cold but the sun was shining, and it didn't rain until late in the afternoon.  James came with me and walked farther than he has done before which is good and shows that all the exercise he has been doing is bearing fruit.  However, just as we approached the road both dogs were put on the lead and Basso spotted a pigeon.  One good pull and James would have been flat on his face but a very firm command of "leave it" did the trick and though his eyes stayed glued to the bird he made no attempt to chase it.  Sometimes all the hours of training do pay off.

Lunch was a case of clearing up the leftovers.  I blitzed the remaining soup and made a "cream of garden" soup and the leftover veal was made into sandwiches.  Dinner was equally easy as I had defrosted some chicken breast which I cut into pieces and dipped in seasoned flour then brown in a pan.  Sliced mushrooms and a splash of cream were added and as none of us felt hungry I didn't bother with the rice.  Today I have taken out the gammon steaks which are absolutely huge so they are going to make both meals.  We will have half for lunch with beans and a fried egg and for supper the other half will be served with mixed salad.  

While the weather held I managed to get one of the vegetable beds weeded but feel quite daunted by the remaining beds which look pretty bad.  It is going to be one of those jobs that will need chipping at until it is complete.  I have not yet decided whether to leave the runner beans to die in situ as they do fix nitrogen into the soil or to clear the bed completely and at the same time get rid of the weeds.  
The glut of small tomatoes ended up in a pan to which I added a few of the carrots from the garden which help with the sweetness and are imperceptible to the flavour.  The hens are very fond of the bits of skin and pips which are left over once the tomatoes have been through the mouli and I also discovered that they are very fond of semi rotten figs.  James friend had come to pick some figs and put a pile of very overripe ones in a trug.  I spotted them on my way to put the hens to bed so offered them to the hens who went mad with delight.  You see nothing goes to waste here!!!!!! even the weeds are thrown into the chicken run and they make short work of them too.

I still have loads of tomatoes waiting to ripen but I think I may end up making some green tomato chutney just to get rid of the last few.  The urge to make preserves is very strong in the autumn but I know it is a waste of time if we don't eat them.  I have a cupboard full of preserves dating back to who knows when!!!  

Last night I watched the Jamie Oliver program and was rather taken with the filo, salmon, leek and courgette pie.  I can see this appearing on the menu some time soon especially as I am still picking courgettes and looking for things to do with them.  

The sun is just peeping over the trees so time I got myself organised - there is a pile of ironing shouting at me from the corner of the room so that is where I will make a start.  I hate seeing it lying around so the sooner it is done the better.  I also really need to give my wardrobe a birthday as it looks like the leftovers of a jumble sale.  I syphon out stained and ripped clothes for use in the garden but there is a limit as to how many gardening clothes you need and my pile is growing ever larger and I think it is time to thin things out and make a bit more sense of what is hidden behind closed doors.  This is a job I really hate so I need to pluck up the courage to tackle it.

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