Tuesday morning

Well I wanted rain for the garden and yesterday we got it.  It rained almost the whole day: it started at about 10 am and continued right through until 5 pm.  It was also very cold and quite wintery in feel. While I ferried Mike to and fro the hospital for his appointment James took the dogs for a walk and to buy a few ingredients for our Mexican lunch today.  We managed to get back home before the rain really started but James and the dogs got caught in the first downpour.   The pot sticker dumplings were a nice hot meal given it was so cold and nasty.  They look like bite size cornish pasties and are fun to cook as you first boil them then fry just one side and serve with a dipping sauce - we had sweet chili dipping sauce.  

It was a sort of conveyor belt lunch as fast as they were coming off the production line they were hungrily devoured.

However, come supper time we were all hungry again and the sirloin steak was crying out for some egg and chips.  With not a single potato in the house this looked like a vain hope but James walked up the road to a takeaway and bought a portion of chips while I cooked the steaks and eggs and the whole came together very well and at least the house doesn't smell like a chip shop.

I had been chatting with a friend about a lovely soap that she had given us one christmas and she described to me a soap which her husband had bought her a whole box of.  I had never heard of Alep soap so she sent me a bar to try.  It is nothing much to look at but feels really wonderful on the skin and most remarkable of all it floats!!!! It contains only olive oil and laurel oil and spends 9 months being baked in the sun.

With our softened water it lathers up really well and I can see that I am going to spend plenty of time playing in the bathroom.

I decided to sort out my knitting bits a pieces and discovered enough wool to make a pair of socks so with the bad weather in mind I have cast on the first row of the first pair of socks for this winter. Last winter saw me make 25 pairs of socks but I am not going to attempt to break that record it is just nice to have something to do when the weather is bad and you don't feel like housework or cooking.

Today is going to be a busy one Dennie is coming to give the house a birthday and Mark is back from his holiday and coming to work his magic on the garden.  James has an appointment with the physio and is also making us a Mexican tortilla lunch.  He made the salsa last night as it always seems better when it has had time for the flavours to mix.  I certainly don't mind being demoted to sous chef, it makes a pleasant change.  I hope the weather is dry for Mark as there is plenty to be done but at least with the soil nice and damp it should be easy to pull few weeds.  The tomatoes are still coming thick and fast so almost every meal contains tomatoes on one form or another.  The borlotti beans have not cropped well this year and next year I am going back to the climbing variety which seem to do better than the dwarf.

At the moment we are in single figures it is only 9 degrees but hopefully we have not seen the last of the nice weather and it might warm up a bit when the sun rises in a couple of hours.  Have a good day whatever you have planned and I hope the weather is good to you.

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