Tuesday Morning

Much warmer this morning at 16.2ºC we were down near single figures yesterday morning.  First thing it was a trawl round the garden and harvest what was ready.  About a dozen figs loads of small tomatoes and runner beans.  The figs went to a friend of James but the tomatoes and runner beans ended up in my chicken curry.  I had bought some chicken thighs going cheap in Aldi.  The skins were stripped off and slowly cooked for the dogs who are very partial to chicken scratchings.  It is quite an eye opener when you render the skins just how much fat there is in the skin.  Anyway there was sufficient curry to last us for both lunch and supper and we were all happy to eat it twice.  I managed to get rid of loads of tiny tomatoes and the runner beans just disappeared in the sauce.  

One of the problems I have especially when in the caravan is the amount of dog hair that gets into the carpets.  Up to now I have had to get down on my hands and knees and rub the carpet with a rubber soled shoe to lift the hair.  As luck would have it, I saw an advert for something called a Sticky Buddy which seemed the answer to this problem.  Well it arrived yesterday and I have had lots of fun trying it out. 

The rollers are very sticky and almost feel wet and the little rubber teeth lift the hair easily but the part that is amazing is that you just run the roller under the tap and all the hair comes off and the stickiness of the roller disappears until it is dry again.  There are three sizes, the small one for your clothes, the medium one for upholstery or stairs and the long handle for the floors.  My kitchen floor is now a crumb free zone and what a nice easy way to solve a hairy problem.  

After seeing the lovely sunset photos on Joys site I thought I would also give it a go and took my camera with me to my room in the hope of catching a glorious sunset.  Sadly it was then that I realised that my room faces East not West and the sun goes down behind the houses so I never get to see it.  I can only catch beautiful sun rises never sunsets.  Sunrise is not until 6.13 am so it is still pitch dark at the moment.

Today Sandi is coming over after she has done her dogging in and we are taking the dogs to the estuary as the tide should be up.  I have given up on the dogging in as it means two days of work to get the seeds out of Basso's coat which is purgatory for him and for us. So, much as he loves it, he will have to be content with a less interesting walks.

For lunch I thought I would make a large seafood risotto with a mixed salad which if I prepare all the ingredients should only take about 20 minutes to make when we come back from the walk.  I made a loaf yesterday and put it to prove in the fridge which although it takes longer it allows time for the flavours to develop and in my opinion makes a better loaf in the long run.  

Well that is about it for today I am off to gather my ingredients and make preparations for the risotto.  
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