Thursday morning

Three bottles of worcester pearmain apple juice and one of victoria plum

As you can see yesterday was one of great industry.  This is my portion of the spoils we each had equal quantities to take home with us.  We had two juicers running full tilt munching up a laundry basket full of fallen apples.  The biggest problem was the amount of froth that was produced which we got rid of with an assortment of sieves.  Once the bottles were filled the were stood in my huge saucepan and brought up to 78ºC to pasteurise the contents before the bottles were sealed.  The plums on the other hand were put into the steam juice extractor which is a much easier method.

I have also come home with a big bag of apples and pears which I intend to make into apple butter following Joys slow cooker recipe.

The 6 dogs had the most wonderful day playing with one another and racing around the garden. Yoda found the pond in seconds and from then on he was in and out of it all day and even encouraged Basso to paddle up to his middle.  Poor Shiona, her lovely tidy establishment looked like a war zone by the time we left.  

I finally got home at about 7pm by which time I was completely poleaxed but in a happy and satisfied way.  The chicken breast that I had prepared in the morning were given 20 minutes in the halogen oven but I was too knackered to bother with a salad so we just ate the chicken and called it quits.  We had had a lovely lunch of venison steaks with a cassis sauce over some jasmine rice which we ate in the garden as it was such a lovely day and Sandi had made a delicious lemon meringue pie for dessert.   It is sad to think that despite our best efforts we hardly made a dent in the apple crop.  I have left the steam juice extractor with Shiona in case she fancies making more juice as this is by far the easiest and least labour intensive way of getting the job done.  I have also promised her the recipe for the apple butter.  

Basso's paw looked terribly swollen and angry so I dunked it a bucket of hot salty water and gave it a good clean before I collapsed in bed.  He seems to know it is for his benefit and didn't put up any kind of a fight, normally it take two of us and a lot of heaving and swearing to get his paws washed.  

So that was yesterday.  Today I have no plans as yet other than to deal with a big bag of apples  and pears which are destined for the slow cooker.  We had intended to make some apple crumbles but ran out of both time and enthusiasm.  

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