Thursday morning

The cupressus arch all nicely trimmed by Mark and just look at the roses having a second flush of flowers.

Yesterday was a bit of right off after I went back to bed and slept solidly for a couple of hours I woke feeling really groggy.  The weather was grim and dull but dry and a few degrees warmer than earlier in the week.  Lunch was quick and easy to prepare as the trout fillets only took moments to cook and I had made the cucumber sauce in the thermomix.  Supper was just as easy as all I had to do was to boil some pasta to accompany the bolognese sauce grate some parmesan and dress a salad.  

Mike had seen the ENT consultant on Monday and was waiting for his appointment to have an MRI scan just to check that his hearing loss is down to his age.  They were also going to make an appointment with the audiologist to get him a new mould for his hearing aid.  Well during the night he managed to knock his hearing aid on the floor and Nip decided it must be a wine gum and gave it a good chewing before leaving it as inedible.   Obviously he agrees with the consultant and decided to get on and destroy the old hearing aid in anticipation of a new one.   So yesterday I was on the phone to the audiology department to see if I could make him an appointment to get a new mould however the earliest they can see him is in 10 days time.  In the meantime we are all having to shout to communicate.  Nip himself is as deaf as a post so perhaps he was just trying the hearing aid on for size!!!!! Is this coincidence or fate? either way it has happened at the best moment at least it is the old hearing aid that has bitten the dust not a new one.  

As I am completely addicted to my crocs over time they have worn out and the tread on the bottom no longer exists.  Several times I have nearly come a cropper so I decided in the interest of safety a new pair were in order.  This time I have gone for the "off road", variety which should give me a bit more purchase on slippery ground.  I think it might take me awhile to wear these smooth and flat but hopefully they will save me from falling flat on my face.

Today on the menu is a Madhur Jaffrey lemony chicken with coriander and for dinner a Sophie Grigson prawn and coconut milk soup.  These recipes have been dictated by what is in the fridge; half a tin of coconut milk and a big bunch of coriander both of which need using up and fortunately I have the other ingredients.  Maintaining a good store cupboard makes cooking so much easier and a good library of recipes makes using them up a pleasure. 

Today looks like a dry day according to the weather forecast but tomorrow it looks like it will be wet so I will have to get out and do a few things today.  I will take the crocs for a test drive with the dogs and also get some laundry done while I have the chance to get things dry outside.  I also have lots of weeding to do in the vegetable garden so there will be no slacking today!!!!!!

Have a good one all...........................
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