Thursday morning

Yesterday was a day for fiddling in the kitchen it was too hot for anything more strenuous.  I had a piece of leftover pastry so I decided to make these little nibbles with some stuffed olives.  Not my idea but one of the food bloggers from Sardinia. I then proceeded to make her recipe for tomato rice as I had all the ingredients available.  Then there were lots of mushrooms that needed to be used up so mushrooms a la creme was next and finally some courgette pancakes.  With the addition of a couple of figs draped with parma ham that was lunch and the leftovers were supper with the addition of a venison sausage and a handful of carrots from the garden.

Today I am up much too early again so I think I may well go back to bed and see if I can't get a bit more sleep as I am feeling a bit wrecked.  James and I have a tentative arrangement to go shooting but if it is very hot I don't think we will bother especially as he has an appointment later on to see the orthopaedic surgeon in outpatients which will no doubt entail a three hour wait as usual.  

The garden is looking desperately dry but we have been promised rain tomorrow and a drop of about 10 degrees in temperature.  I have held off the watering with the exception of the greenhouse so I hope they are not mistaken. We desperately need some good rain to wet the ground and give the plants a much needed drink.  It is the one problem we have living in the south east and that is we do suffer with lack of rain and have had many droughts in the past and hosepipe bans have been a summer problem for years.  I can only see this problem getting worse as they are building more and more houses. We desperately need more reservoir facilities but nothing seems to be forthcoming on that front.   Anyway fingers crossed we get the rain as expected.  

Well thats about it for this morning I am going back to bed and hope I doze off for a bit before I have to tackle the days jobs.

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