Sunday morning

Mikes new baby car

Yesterday was a day of pandemonium as we found a car that was for sale in a garage in Sittingbourne.  We had been on the lookout for a Smart for Mike so that we could have a bit of independence from each other.  By way of entertainment Mike likes to go shopping on a daily basis which leaves me without a car.  This way he can go shopping in a car no bigger than a shopping trolley and I can have the big car to take the dogs etc.  As we live in an urban area parking can be a problem but this little thing just fits on the tiny driveway between the garage doors and the pavement. The buying of the car was very straightforward and it came with tax and MOT until June next year.  What took the time was organising the insurance - you know what they are like they need your hat size and inside leg measurement before they can extort large sums of money from you.  Anyway it is done now and we drove home in convoy arriving back feeling completely drained and starving hungry.  James shot up to the bakers and bought some pasties which we devoured with alacrity and Branston pickle.   I shot off up to my bed and got me head down for an hour but Mike foolishly decided to read the manuals.  

Now I am sure you all know that manuals are only for occasions when you can't make something work.  By the time I had got up for a cup of tea Mike was in meltdown having decided it was all too complicated for him to cope with.  You know the sort of thing I mean, a page and half description of how to press the button to open the window.  Not to mention all the warnings of which parts of your anatomy to keep out of the way when closing!!!!

I confiscated the manuals and made some supper instead.  I had chopped up some chicken breast which I then coated in egg and rolled in a mixture of dry bread crumbs, flour, parmesan and seasoning.  They were then gently fried and served with what was left of the broccoli.  As I was preparing the vegetables the dogs were clamouring around my ankles so they were both given the trunks of the broccoli trees leaving us with just the florets.  Anyway it was quite sufficient so everyone was happy.

Incidentally, as I make all my own bread, the crusts and leftovers are kept in a linen bag hanging in the pantry.  They become completely hard but do not get mouldy and every so often I put them in the Thermomix and blitz them to use as coating crumbs or to pad out stuffing etc. Once blitzed they live very happily in an air tight container.

Today on the menu is a piece of beef which I don't hold out much hope for it looks as if it has not been hung anywhere near long enough.  Anyway, I will give it my best shot and if it is a tough as old boots I will not be surprised.   I think I will do all the usual accompaniments to go with it so even if the meat is not much cop the rest should be fine.

On Wednesday I have been invited to go over to Shiona's house and bring my juicer with me so that we can attack the massive apple crop.  Sandi is going to join us for a nice doggy and girly day.  In the mean time I need to do some research on how to preserve the apple juice.  We thought we might have a go at making some cider in a bucket but it would be nice to bottle the remainder.  Thank heavens for google!!!!! 

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