Sunday morning

Oh how I wish I was still asleep!!  The house is cold and dark and everyone else is sleeping soundly. Yesterday, I decided that the time had come to do the laundry no matter what the weather, so it is now strewn all over the place drying.  The weather forecast had given us a window of opportunity yesterday morning but it was drizzling with rain so no good for drying washing and today we have been promised gales and more rain.  

The hens got their regulation clean out and what a mess they have managed to make with their bale of straw.  You cannot believe how far they have managed to spread the straw and they are only about halfway through the bale.  I am now debating whether to move them to the greenhouse for the winter once the tomatoes are finished or leave them where they are.  The move to the greenhouse just means that I only have to check on them once a day rather than twice.  It is a bit early yet but the decision will have to be made at some point.  

The chicken goujons were a great success and it was an excellent way to stretch two chicken breasts to feed three people.  I made yet another fig tarte tatin as everyone seems to like it and for supper we had some more of the lovely pot sticker dumplings that I bought at the oriental supermarket.  

Today I have a piece of veal to poach then slice and cover with the lovely tuna mayonnaise.  I am hoping that the poaching liquid may make a reasonable stock base for a soup of some kind.  I also need to pay a visit to Aldi as they have a couple of items on special that interest me.  I already have one of the pot lids that don't boil over and I could well use another one.  

They are also selling agave syrup which I thought might make a change and be nice squirted onto a morning bowl of porridge.

Now I must tell you about the soap that my friend sent me.  I have been using it for a week and not only does it float but it leaves your skin as soft as a babies bottom.  It looks pretty unprepossessing and doesn't smell of anything in particular but the effects are wonderful.  We have a water softener, as the water here comes out of tap in pebbles, but it does mean that a bar of soap last forever as it lathers up really easily.   The packaging suggests that it can be used to wash delicate clothing so I am wondering if it will also wash my hair nicely.  I will give it a go and let you know after all what harm can olive oil do.  

Well thats about it for now the veal is in the slow cooker with its friends carrot onion and celery and the mayo will be made in the thermomix later.  I think it will all be accompanied by some nice boiled new potatoes and maybe a tomato salad.  It seems that tomatoes feature in every meal at the moment: there are just so many of them!!!!!

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