Sunday morning

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I think Autumn is definitely with us it is quite chilly this morning.  Yesterday was a  mix of sunshine punctuated by sharp but very localised showers and a pretty cool wind.  We managed to get out with the dogs fairly early and in a dry patch but as we were returning the sky was getting very dark and impending rain was in the air.  Mike got soaked as he was loading up the car at Tesco but hardly a drop fell on the garden which is less than a mile away.  

Yesterday a pack of plants arrived but it looked as if the parcel had been used for rugby practice as all the plug plants were in a terrible mess.  I decided that the best course of action was to get them all into a pot until I am ready to plant them up as intended.  Fortunately, I had a large pot already filled with earth in which I had intended to grow a courgette but it failed to germinate.  Well it is now my nursery bed for these young plants.  I hope to put them in the troughs that go on the window sill but as yet they are still filled with loads of tumbling tomatoes.  

Our spatchcock chicken with its piri piri marinade was a nice change from the usual roast and with it we had a tabouli salad made with giant couscous and a picking of runner beans and courgettes from the garden.  I did however call in at the greengrocers and purchased a nice cauliflower which we had for supper dressed with a good cheese sauce made in the thermomix.  The first job in making the sauce is to grate the cheese and as it has such power I decided to put the rind of the parmesan in and see what happened.  It blitzed down beautifully and when added to some cheddar it was fine for the sauce and added a good depth of flavour.  This is something I will be doing in future I must admit that the rinds of parmesan usually end up in the stock pot so that I get the maximum for my money.  Now I have a second string to my bow and will grind them down and save for sauces.  I had found some chopped chorizo in the freezer and thought that this might be nice gently fried as an accompaniment to the cauliflower cheese.  Unfortunately the fat in the chorizo had gone rancid and it tasted very odd so it went into the dogs bowls and we substituted a couple of rashers of streaky bacon. 

Today on the menu are some pork loin chops but as yet I have not decided what to do with them but I must say that I noticed some lovely leeks in the greengrocer  and they would go very well with our pork.  We seem to have run ourselves out of vegetables really quickly this week and as my box is not due until Tuesday I have a few days of eating to fill in the meantime.  

While we were out with the dogs we noted that there is a real abundance of blackberries and damsons just ready for the picking but they are of no real use to us as we are not sweet/jam eaters. However I am wondering if a little blackberry/damson sauce might not be a nice accompaniment to the pork chops especially if I leave it a bit tart so that it acts like apple sauce would.  I still have cupboards full of blackberry and damson jelly which I do substitute for red currant in some recipes. 

Well thats about it for this morning nothing terribly exciting just the usual mundane daily thoughts.  I have managed to keep up to date with the laundry and other chores so today may be a bit slack.  However as a fell asleep before the finale of the last night of the proms I have it recorded to watch later.  
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