Sunday morning and pinch punch I think!

Another glorious summer day yesterday perfect for laundry as there was a bit of a breeze.  I got all mine done and ironed and put away which is always a really good feeling.  To see empty laundry baskets and a full airing cupboard always makes me feel virtuous even though I know it will not last five minutes.   I managed to get all my Saturday chores done including cleaning out the fridge which is a job that I am embarrassed to say often gets forgotten.  The barbeque next door was a roaring success and as usual I managed to get myself involved in the cooking. They were a really nice bunch of people none of whom I had ever met before. Basso was on the roof keeping an eye on me and managed to get himself an invitation.  He was very excited and after an initial charge around he settled down to begging food from everyone.  Anyone who looked remotely gullible found him sitting staring at them.  Heaven only knows how many burgers, sausages and pieces of chicken he managed to wheedle out of people.  I had a handful of ripe figs which the neighbours were pleased to have and I also persuaded them to pick and eat a few raspberries.  All in all I had a really good time.  

Today being the first of the month I have a list of monthly chores to be getting on with.  To the list I have added cleaning out the pond pump which tends to get forgotten as it is a job I hate doing.  I have a nice piece of loin of pork for lunch so fingers crossed that I get the crackling all nice and crispy.  Sage and onion stuffing and some apple sauce should make for a really nice proper Sunday lunch.

If I am to get everything done I had better make a start so enjoy your sunday lunch.  What is on your menu?
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