Saturday morning

It is Saturday morning and the first job of the day is to get the Ballockwort [orchids] into the sink for their weekly drink.  Yesterday was a fine day but we had a bitterly cold wind keeping temperatures down.  This morning it is a mere 12ÂșC so quite chilly.  

This week has satisfied a very primal need in me to conserve food for the lean times ahead in the winter.  I know there are no lean times these days but the need is still there in me.  Rows of jars and bottles and a freezer full to bursting is just the ticket.  Yesterday saw me finish off all the fruit - tubs of applesauce to have with lovely roast pork and pears poached in red wine and vanilla for a nice dessert.  I had taken out the veal shin which was made into a massive Osso Bucco alla Milanese half of which we ate with polenta and salad and half for the freezer.  I tried the apple butter on some toast for breakfast and found it none too bad.  Given that I don't have a sweet tooth and that cinnamon is not my favourite spice it is not at all bad.  Piles of laundry were out on the line in the breeze and are now awaiting a pass over with the iron before being put back in the wardrobes and airing cupboard.

At 2pm I took Basso for his appointment to the vet who was very pleased with the progress of his paw which is looking much better and healing well.  The antibiotics don't seem to have affected him in any way so hopefully this will be the end of the matter.  The annoying thing is that I deliberately kept him out of the field with the long grass as I have seen what can happen when a grass seed gets up a dogs nose.  The best laid plans of mice and men!!!!! My vet runs on a very old fashioned system - first come first served and there are three sessions per day 9am-10am, 2pm-3pm and 5pm to 7pm. It works very efficiently and means if you turn up and there are loads of people you can come back later and be first in the queue.  It is so much more efficient a system than the doctors surgery where it  is really difficult to get an appointment even if you can get through on the phone to make one in the first place.

On our way back we stopped off at Aldi for a few staple items.  James was with me so we split the list and had it all done in less than 10 minutes.  I must admit left to my own devices I would do all my shopping online and have it delivered.  I do like shopping for things like meat in a proper butcher and fish in the fishmonger but as for toilet rolls and washing up liquid that could all be delivered.  I once read of a slightly obsessive lady who bought all that she needed for one year and stacked it in her spare bedroom.  She was working on the principle that things only ever get more expensive.  I suppose if you know that you will use 20 tins of beans then it makes sense.  I am afraid I am not that organised and with Mike enjoying shopping and going every day it makes me very lazy and inefficient.

Today I would like to get the dogs out early for their walk and then have a good clean in the kitchen which is a bit of a mess following all the cooking.  The hens also get a clean today and I seem to have stumble on a good idea.  Since I gave them their bale of straw they have scattered it liberally all over the run.  This does have an unforeseen benefit in that it keeps their feet dry when the ground is very wet and stops them turning the whole run into a quagmire.  I also throw a scoop of grain into the straw which keeps them amused for hours scratching around trying to find it all.  So a win win situation I think.

Well thats about it for this morning.  Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?

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