Saturday morning

So where was the forecast rain?  we didn't get any here.  I dashed out into the garden when it was hardly light and filled the troughs with potting compost and left them to get watered by the rain. Just as well that I hadn't planted them up as there was not a drop of rain here all day.  We took the dogs out bright and early too.  Well it certainly galvanised me into action so I suppose I shouldn't moan.  

Now to the questions about the bolognese sauce I based my authentic recipe on a program I saw on TV where they were looking at authentic Italian food and the debate about tomatoes is an ongoing one even in Italy but essentially I just fry off minced pancetta carrot celery onion and garlic then usually two kinds of meat beef mince and pork mince but better with veal however that is hard to get.  Then I wet it down with a glass of red/white wine and some water and seasoning and leave it on the gentlest possible simmer for as long as you can.  Some say that a tablespoon of tomato puree can be added some prefer not to add.  Essentially it is a meat sauce not a tomato sauce and in the true Italian style very little is used to coat some pasta not spaghetti.  You need to remember that it is usually served as a starter not a main course.  However, I have no problems with the addition of tomatoes to stretch the meat further. I also think the problem is geographical the further south you go the more likely it is that tomatoes will feature as they grow prolifically in the south but less in the north.  I am sure there are plenty of Italian households where tomatoes are added.  I do however take exception to the addition of an assortment of vegetables and meats like minced turkey or chicken.  I'm sure it makes a lovely dish but just not a bolognese sauce.  At the end of the day if you like it with a dollop of strawberry jam on top you are the one eating it so enjoy!!!!! My problem is largely one of names; if you call something Yorkshire pudding then it should be Yorkshire pudding not another batter pudding.  I have been treated to a paella made with turmeric rather than saffron and an osso bucco which was basically a beef stew.  In one establishment I had a spaghetti carbonara which the waitress assured me had been made with a packet of 3 cheese sauce!!!!! need I say more.  I am not an absolute purist but I like to know that what I am getting is what has been described on the menu especially if I am paying for it.

Now, next, I have been giving some consideration to why I wake so early in the morning and on reflection it dates back to my mean neighbours episode of animal cruelty when they insisted that their cat was not allowed in the house and the poor thing would sit on the window ledge looking in and howling and I mean howling pitifully.  This used to start at about 4am and would wake me.  The cat has long since gone but the habit of waking early has stuck and I don't seem to be able to reset my internal clock.   I have tried all sorts of remedies but nothing seems to work so I just take advantage of the hours on my own to get on and do some jobs.  I am just glad that I am retired and can take to my bed and rest if I want to.  It would be disastrous if I had to go out to work and had to live by other peoples time scales.  I do find that as the week progresses if I miss my afternoon siesta I get progressively more tired but I still wake at about 4am I am just knackered for the rest of the day.

Today, being Saturday, it is my day for watering my orchids which I submerge in the sink for an hour or so.  I don't really know what I am doing but it seems to be working so I will stick to it.  The interesting thing is that the roots, which are pretty unsightly and clamber out of the pots, turn bright green once they have been given a good drink so I guess they photosynthesise as well as they leaves.  I was told that I should only use rain water on them but they seem happy enough with my tap water so I will stick to that as it is easier.  If the weather forecast is to be believed we are in for a good weekend so I may yet get out into the garden and do a few jobs.  My wander around with the salt pot has made short work of the weeds growing in the paths and patio but I have had to be very careful not to get it anywhere near the plants I want to survive.  

The light is just beginning to climb over the trees so time I got going have a good weekend all lets hope it stays fine.

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