Saturday Morning

The weather yesterday was really strange it was reminiscent of a sauna.  When I took the dogs for their morning constitutional it was dry but really clammy, however, this didn't last long before the rain started and then it was on and off all day and most of the night.  During one of the lulls I took the opportunity to dash out with some salt and sprinkled it on all the weeds coming through the gaps in the patio slabs.  The next downpour washed it in so hopefully that will kill off any greenery that is trying to establish itself.  I find this one of the cheapest and easiest ways of dealing with this type of weed.  I am careful not to get salt on the flower beds as it will do them no good at all.  Boiling water works well for those sort of weeds if they are not too close to existing plant roots.  This reduces the amount of weeding that requires hand and knees and a trowel.

Our friends Len and Margaret had been searching out bathroom fittings and dropped in for a cup of coffee.  It was nice to see them but my meat delivery arrived at the same moment so I had to deal with that and get it into the freezer.  It was beautifully packaged and all the meat was chilled rather than frozen which meant that the 5 kilos of chicken breast meat was easy to divide up and freeze in manageable quantities.

For lunch I made toad in the hole and it was just what we wanted nice and comforting served with a dollop of baked beans. 

Dinner was some venison meatballs courtesy of Aldi which we had with a large tomato salad and followed it with the fig tart tatin.  In the fridge I had some 0% greek yoghurt to which I added the remains of some double cream and the dregs of some sour cream which I mixed together and added some of my homemade vanilla extract and a little tiny bit of sugar.  A very tasty addition to the figs.

According to the weather forecast we are in for autumn gales and more rain so I think I am going to abandon any ideas of drying the laundry outside and just get on and do it even if it has to be draped around the house.  

Anne, I was sorry to hear about the fractured cheekbone that must be quite painful but I am glad that you seem to have a functioning hospital who dealt with your husband nicely.  I live in fear and dread of being taken ill as our hospital is in such a mess and worst of all I don't trust them.  Anyway, it is a good incentive to stay fit and well!!!!

I have kept a couple of chicken breast in the fridge and today they are destined to make goujons to serve with a salad for lunch.  In the meat order is a piece of veal shoulder which I intend to poach and then serve cold with a tuna sauce.  Vitello tonnato is one of my favourite Italian dishes so I hope I can do it justice.  

My first job of the day is to get my orchids into some water and give them their weekly soaking which seems to be what they want as they are flourishing.  I plunge the whole lot of them in the sink and leave them there for a couple of hours.  The strange thing is that their roots turn bright green so I guess they too can photosynthesise, most odd.

Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend despite what looks like some pretty terrible weather.   

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