Saturday morning

Well we got some rain and though it was fairly steady it was nowhere near enough.  The temperature has dropped like a stone and this morning we are at 11ºC so only just in double figures. By yesterday evening it was dry again and though we may get a shower or two the weekend is set to be mostly dry.

Yesterday for lunch we had venison chops which I had first egg and breadcrumbed.  I was a little unsure how to best cook these but giving them a coat protected the meat and as luck would have it they turned out perfectly cooked still slightly pink, juicy and tender.  With them we had a salad and some new potatoes.  Dinner last night was a case of using up bits from the fridge.  There was some of the tomato sauce left so to it I added a couple of fresh tomatoes skinned, pipped and diced along with some bacon which had been fried until crispy.  The whole lot was tossed over a pan of pasta and finished with a grating of parmesan cheese.

Today we have a piri piri marinated chicken which has been spatchocked and should take no time at all to cook.  However my vegetable cupboard is bare so I will need to raid the freezer for something to go with the chicken.  Alternatively I may stop at the vegetable shop on my way to the dog walk and have a bit of a restock.  I don't think there is enough of any one crop to make a meal.  The courgettes could do with a couple more days to put on a bit of weight, the runners have had a caning and are beginning to slow down.  I pulled a bunch of carrots the other day so they will need some time to recover and the borlotti are still not ready which just leaves the tomatoes.  I am expecting to have chicken left over so the tomatoes would be good to save for the cold meat. 

I had a bit of a disaster with my loaf yesterday as I rolled it to put in the bread tin I must have caught a pocket of air and now I have a loaf with each slice looking like a doughnut.  Not much good for sandwiches!!!!  

Sandi sent me this photo which she took when we were walking the dogs the other day as you can see I am wearing my Sunday best and look completely knackered....  the dogs are just behind me in the water playing.  The state of the grass will show you just how dry it has been and how desperate for rain we are.

Today being Saturday it is my day to water all the orchids so I will fill a sink with water and plunge them all in and leave them for an hour or more.  They seem to approve of this treatment so I will continue with it.  

According to the local news all those involved in the bridge crash have been discharged from hospital so no one seems to have been seriously injured which is incredibly lucky.  However we seem to be having bridge problems as the QE2 bridge was closed yesterday and it took some 9 hours for people to reach home.  I'm so glad that I am no longer working and getting caught in these problems.

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