Monday morning

Another weekend done and gone and the start of another week.  Yesterday was very chilly with intermittent sharp showers and bright sunshine.  Once I had defrosted the loin chops I noticed that they were very thinly cut which would make them quite difficult to cook without turning them into shoe leather.  I then decided to finely slice them and made a pork stroganoff with finely sliced mushrooms and onions and a good splash of cream.  I also made another fig tart tatin and used up the leftover pastry to make nibbles of stuffed olives but this time I added little slivers of anchovy which made them very tasty.   What I forgot entirely was to cook some rice to go with the stroganoff but as we had a desert and some amuse bouche we actually didn't need it.  

The afternoon was spent catching up on the last night of the proms which I had recorded as I had fallen asleep the previous evening and missed it.  I also watched the Burghley three day event riding competition which was a clean sweep for the Kiwis. 

This photo shows one of the fences from the cross country part of the course and it gives you some idea of just how huge they are and what courage is needed by both horse and rider.  There were the usual thrills and spills but it looked like a good day was had by all as the weather held for them.  

Supper last night was along the lines of Nigel Slaters all day breakfast in a pan.  It is a sort of giant rosti filled with sausage onions tomatoes and eggs.  It is certainly a good way to make a little go a long way and one baking potato and three sausages fed us handsomely.  There was also the last of the tart tatin to finish off.  

Today I am starting with an almost clean sheet I do have a pan of chicken broth in which I have cooked some of our first borlotti beans and today that will get finished off as some kind of soup for lunch.  Mike has an ENT appointment this morning so we are hoping that something can be done to improve his hearing which has gone downhill a lot of late.  We have decided that as we live so close to the hospital one of us will drop Mike at the door and he will phone us to be picked up as soon as he is finished.  This saves a lot of trouble parking and walking miles from the carpark.  Anyway fingers crossed that all goes according to plan and they don't close the hospital for any major disasters.  

Have a good day all and wrap up warm it is going to be another chilly one................

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