Monday morning

And still the courgettes flower and produce fruit

Yesterday was another dry day but it was quite overcast and looked as if we were going to get some rain but none was forthcoming.  I set to organising a roast leg of lamb with peas and carrots and gravy and a big pot of mash.  I am hoping that I have enough leftovers to make a shepherds pie today for lunch.  I am a bit dubious as we gave the cold meat a bit of a bashing for supper with some pickle.  

The pump in the small pond had ceased to function so Mike had a look at it and found it had blown a fuse so now it is back up and running.  I have put a time clock on it so that it is on during the hours of daylight but off at night.  

The autumn flowers are beginning to make a bit of a show and the roses are still struggling on producing flowers.  

On Saturday evening James took himself off to Bluewater to refill his wardrobe.  His jeans were paper thin and disintegrating so a new pair were in order.  Some warm jumpers and a winter jacket completed the new wardrobe.  Sadly the walk round Bluewater was all a bit much and he had real problems with his foot so he spent most of the day resting it.  He is still waiting for a new appointment for the orthopaedic surgeon which was cancelled of 5/9 and they promised to remake the appointment but nothing has been forthcoming, so today we will chase them.  Sadly looking at my wardrobe I too am going to have to replenish a few items but first I need to go through the wardrobe and syphon out that which is not necessary.  I will bag the clothes up and get them to a charity shop but it is a job I find really difficult and really hate doing but the time has come for a good pruning of the rubbish. Clothes which are past their best get put on the pile for gardening but I now have a massive pile which is quite unnecessary.  I really hate clothes shopping so it will be something I will have to brace myself for.

Much more to my taste I need to get the hunting box sorted and into the car as we are only a week away from the start of the season.  I find it easier to have all the kit in one box - there is a comprehensive first aid kit for the dog which I have added to so that it covers the humans as well. In my pocket I keep a pair of wire cutters incase Basso gets hooked up in the barbed wire and a bandage and touch wood I have not had to use them.  I also carry a dematting comb in case we get covered in burrs.  Anyway fingers crossed none of the equipment is needed.  I also carry several litres of water as when he is working hard he really needs some rehydrating.  

My freezer is now devoid of bread so I need to make another batch.  I find that halving the loves and freezing them is the best way to avoid stale bread.  I think I will make a batch and put it in the fridge while I try to get a couple more hours of sleep.  Then once I am up and running I can let the bread rise in the ambient temperature.  Looking at my ovens they too could use a clean and may get added to my monthly chores list.  Fortunately the ovens are very easy to clean and the glass doors come apart easily for washing.  I usually stick most of the bits and pieces through the dishwasher which doesn't clean them fully but breaks the back of the dirt and make for less scrubbing.  

Well with this in mind I am off to get the bread underway and fill the dishwasher then it is back to bed for another attempt at some sleep.  

Have a good day all ..................................

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