Monday morning

It really feels very autumnal after the storms of yesterday.  The day started of clear and sunny with a cold wind but we managed to get the dogs walked and our trip to Aldi.  Lunch was easy as the veal was poached and cooled early all I needed to do was to boil few spuds and make the sauce.  I started by making it in the thermomix but it split so I resorted to a hand mixer and glass bowl so I could see what was happening.  The spit mixture was not wasted I just started with a couple of egg yolks and gradually added the split mixture which cured the problem then it was just a case of adding a tin of tuna some anchovies and a tablespoon of capers.  It sounds like a very fishy sauce but somehow it is quite delicate.  I decided to cut the veal using my ancient meat slicer which allowed me to get nice thin slices.  With the leftover poaching liquid I made what I can only call garden soup as it contained an assortment of vegetables none of which were enough for meal. 

By the afternoon the gales hit and the rain was heavy and continuous so I was glad that I had done all the outdoor chores while the weather was fine.  Outside the end shed there is quite a growth of algae so they were treated to a dose of salt which I hope will put pay to any further growth.  The rain of course has washed it all in and down to the roots.  

Today has started bright and sunny and everything looks so clean after all the rain but it is very chilly at just 8ºC  time for the long sleeves and warm jackets.  However, I haven't given up hope of an indian summer as last year the hunting season started in October and it was 35ºC and we thought we would die of heat exhaustion.

Today I have to do something with the millions of tomatoes most of which are the cherry type so I think they will end up in a pan and make some pasata for the freezer.  I still have some left over vitello tonnato which will do for lunch and for supper I fancy some chicken with mushrooms and cream with some rice.  All really nice easy stuff provided I get on and get the chicken out of the freezer.   

Have a good day all and lets hope the sunshine lasts and it warms up a bit.......

P.S. when I look at those who read this blog I am always disappointed that no comments are made by those who regularly read it would be nice to get some feed back.

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