Monday morning

Well here we are in September time seems to be rushing past at top speed.  Yesterday saw all my monthly jobs completed bright and early.  I even did the pond pump and got that done and dusted.  The very messy shed is on my hit list but rather than tackle the whole job of clearing it I have decided to do it piecemeal and cleared out just one bag of recycle rubbish of old flower pots etc.  That way once I have done most of the clearing it will be relatively easy to make a bit of order.  I have a shrewd suspicion that there may be quite a bit of stuff for freecycle.  It is quite amazing how sheds manage to fill themselves with stuff.  Please note I am not accepting any blame for the mess!!!

I had been dithering about when to prune my new lavender plants so with the help of the RHS website I decided to do the deed and cut them back hard.  I then gave them some feed and a good watering and my fingers are now firmly crossed that the plants will survive.  Apparently they should not only be cut back in August but again in February.  If I still have the plants I must try and remember to give them a more gentle going over next spring.  As I walked around the garden I noticed several places where there are gaps so I had a bit of a splurge and ordered some plants for next year.  

Ground cover lilies which are destined for pots and troughs

Carolina allspice which I am hoping will fill the gap where I lost a salix plant

Russian snow drops which will get scattered around the garden.  I have a passion for snowdrops and these should complement the ones I already have.

We had a wonderful lunch of roast loin of pork with lovely crunchy crackling.  I had cooked it on a bed of stuffing in the halogen oven and with the use of my thermometer I took it to 72ºC which was perfect, cooked but still juicy.  Pork can be a bit difficult to get just right but for once it was spot on. With it we had glazed carrots and buttered new potatoes, apple sauce and gravy that I made by reducing some pork stock from a litre down to 200mls.  There was enough left over for us to have some for supper too.  Today I intend to make a chicken curry and to that end I have taken out some chicken thighs to defrost.  First I need to get a loaf on and I am very tempted to let it rise in the fridge which does extend the time element but seems to make a very good loaf.

Basso was very disappointed with our neighbours and kept checking regularly to see if they were going to be cooking any more sausages and burgers, so he obviously thoroughly enjoyed the previous evenings barbeque.   Nip who is older and wiser made no such efforts and was quite happy to just snooze in the sun and wait until his dinner was served.  

There is just the faintest hint of light showing over the trees so time I got underway and at least got the bread sorted.  Have a great day, the weather is supposed to be good for us so lets hope they have got it right.  

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