Friday morning

I am up very late this morning having woken at 2.45 and then decided to go straight back to sleep which took until 4am but then I managed to sleep until 7.30.  It is light and the sun is up something I am not used to.  Yesterday was one of kitchen fury - first there was a huge amount of courgettes in the garden so they were picked and converted into courgette pancakes.  It also gave me the opportunity to use up the rinds of some parmesan which I blitzed in the thermomix and added to some other cheese to give a depth of flavour.  The spiced apple butter was put into the slow cooker to be ready to jar at 6pm.  Then it was on with the green tomato chutney I also had a lettuce which needed to be used up so I made a batch of petit pois a la francais for the freezer. I will leave it to your imagination to picture the mass of washing up I successfully created.  Anyway, come lunch time there was nothing to eat so a flash fried some nasty lamb burgers, bought in error, and served them with a couple of the courgette pancakes and a handful of peas.  

When the spiced apple had turned a deep dark toffee colour that too was blitzed through the thermomix and jared.  I had half a jar left so decided to try it for flavour and found that the apple taste had all but disappeared leaving a strong sweet cinnamon flavoured goo.  The thought of it spread on bread did not appeal to me so I warmed a mug of milk and stirred a spoonful into it.  I think this would be just the ticket if you were feeling cold and a couple of degrees under.  It would make an excellent going to bed drink.  If you too have made this do let me know what uses you have put it to.  

Basso's paw which looked so very red and nasty the day before was gradually diminishing and today it looks much better.  In a quite out of character way, he will allow me to look at it as he seems to understand that I have his best interest at heart.  I was fascinated to watch the program "the wonder of dogs",  last night which studied the breeding of the various gun dogs.  Basso being an all rounder can do the jobs of springer spaniels, pointers and labradors.  He does none of the individual jobs as well as the specialist dogs but he can do all three jobs.  He will point at game he has found, flush it for you and then retrieve it if you manage to shot it.  So if you can only afford one dog and want to hunt he is the dog for you.  By way of a training exercise he was asked to deliver the post to Mike. It was only the local magazine which he carried to Mike and delivered into his hand.  He never ceases to amaze me with his skills.  

Today I have no real plans except to enjoy this nice period of calm warm weather and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.  In the freezer I have some veal osso bucco which needs to be cooked so I think this will be my task of the day.  There is sufficient for two meals for the three of us so we can have half for supper and the remainder can go in the freezer for another day.  I also have a mass of pancakes leftover which I am also going to freeze as we are pretty sick of them now.  

Have a good day all and enjoy the sun while it last winter is coming...........................

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