Friday morning

Good morning all as usual I am up at 4am but that I can live with.  After my day of sloth impressions I must admit I feel a bit more relaxed and less tired.  Yesterday morning I decided I would have a bath rather than a shower, just for a change.  I am not one for baths normally as with our low water pressure by the time the bath is ready I am usually bored with the whole idea.  I also have in my mind the soup of bacteria that I am wallowing in [not a pleasant thought].  However, it was an opportunity to try my soap and see if it really did float and to my surprise it really does.  I also took the opportunity to wash my hair with the same soap and it has done a very nice job.  I also took the opportunity to clean the jets in the bath and give myself a good pummeling.  By the time I had emerged from the water I felt knackered and ready for bed not a days work.  Perhaps baths are more a bedtime occupation for me.  

James was out for the morning with a physio appointment then he was taking a friend to pick up a new car somewhere near Brands Hatch.  As there were just the two of us for lunch I got out a couple of pheasant breast wrapped in parma ham and that is what Mike and I had for lunch.  Dinner was a rib eye steak with sauteed potatoes and green beans.  I also prepared a big pot of bolognese sauce made authentically with veal and beef mince and not a sign of tomato anywhere.  The pot is still on the slow cooker and will get a couple more hours this morning before I box it all up and get it in the freezer.  It will keep us in quick and easy meals for some time.

Sandi rang me last night with the dates for the shoot this season and we are kicking off on Saturday 5th October so time to get the hunting box back in the car so that I have all the kit with me.  I haven't mentioned it to Basso yet he is not very good with dates and I don't want him getting over excited just yet.  However a few rather longer walks between now and then will get us both a bit fitter.  

Today is supposed to be a horrid day of rain and wind but at present it is still dark but dry.  As yesterday was largely dry I took the chance to have a bit of a tidy in the garden.  After the rain the blackbirds go through my flowerbeds and throw all the soil onto the paths and patio and make the garden look a complete mess.  I imagine they are looking for worms that the rain has brought to the surface but I wish they would be a bit tidier about their search.  Anyway my blowing machine fired up easily and I wandered about blowing things back to where they belong leaving the garden looking much better. My window boxes for the winter are sitting on the garden table so I am hoping to fill them with potting compost before it starts raining so that they get a good watering before I start to plant them up.  They still have a layer of bulbs but the surface will be planted up with pansies for a bit of colour through the winter months.  I must admit that the recent rain has been a godsend and saved me loads of watering duty though it has been a real pain with the laundry.  I suppose you can't have everything!!!!

Mike finally got to see the audiologist yesterday and is now awaiting two hearing aids one normal and one digital which will be arriving soon - what does soon mean to the NHS? we will have to wait and see in the meantime we are all shouting at him.  

Lunch and dinner are a complete blank to me at the moment so I will go and have a trawl round the freezer and see what I can find and I may keep back a portion of the bolognese sauce and make a lasagne.  I thought I would make the pasta myself which will be easier than pre-boiling dried pasta.  I know that there are type that don't need pre-boiling but you then have to make a very sloppy sauce to wet them down.  Too much hassle!!! it is easier to make the pasta.

Well that about it for this morning time to get the show on the road.  

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