Friday morning

Yesterday was a day of cancellations.  We decided that it was going to be too hot to go shooting and cancelled the idea and shortly afterwards the phone rang cancelling James orthopaedic outpatient appointment due to the huge pile up on the Sheppey Bridge which is only a few miles from us.   We are only too aware of how quickly fog can be generated by the river and how quickly it can also disappear.   That there were no fatalities is amazing and only 8 people seriously hurt.  The Medway hospital, as you know, is in crisis anyway so it was probably a good idea to cancel all non urgent cases.  

The emergency services has the bridge reopened by late afternoon which must have been a relief to the people on Sheppey who are effectively marooned without the bridge.  I remember many years ago during a particularly snowy period that Sheppey was cut off and they were dropping food parcels by helicopter.  It's hard to believe that this happened in the UK and so recently that I remember it.

Anyway our time was not wasted I got the washing machine going full tilt and got the bedding out and dried.  I went round the garden with the magic blower and blew all the debris back into the flowerbeds.  I thought I had better get it done before it all got wet and would be more difficult to deal with.  For lunch and dinner I made a big batch of meatballs and pot of tomato sauce made from the pounds of little cherry tomatoes I had harvested.  After lunch one of James friends came and collected some figs and some raspberries.  The fig harvest this year has been phenomenal and I would suggest that we have probably picked about 10 lbs of figs so far.  The raspberries are going past their best for want of picking but sadly I have little or no use for them.     I still have a freezer full of raspberry coulis and frozen fruit.  

According to the weather forecast the wet weather is not due to hit us until around 11am so we may well have a good morning to get a few more outdoor jobs done before we are driven back inside.  I must admit that I am hoping that the rain is significant as the garden really needs it and if it is going to be a wet day it might as well be a really wet day and do some good.  

Today for lunch I have some venison chops which I thought I would egg and breadcrumb and serve with a salad and some buttered new potatoes.  I also need to get another loaf underway as my stocks are dwindling and I do like to have a reserve loaf in the freezer for emergencies.  

Well the light is just creeping over the tops of the trees so dawn is not far away and I am off to get stuck into the jobs I have lined up for today.  I hope the rain is not going to spoil your day and you too get some benefit from it.

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