Wednesday morning

Yesterday was another glorious day with wall to wall sunshine so we decided to bath Basso whose feet were still covered in mud.  The outdoor bath is a wonderful idea as it is a very messy procedure.  Getting him into the bath is difficult but once in he gives up the fight and is perfectly behaved.  It was a good opportunity to get the sticky willy seeds out of his coat and hopefully he hasn't planted too many in the garden.  

For lunch I made some puy lentils cooked with bacon and onion on top of which I served the sliced duck breast.  It was all accompanied by a big green salad: it was an excellent way to make 2 duck breasts feed three people.  Supper was a sort of vegetable feast with sweet corn on the cob and a big pile of runner beans.  However by about 10pm we were starving so a bacon sandwich was quickly made and eaten with delight.

Today we are off to Shiona's house for lunch - I must admit I am looking forward to a day off from thinking what to have.  It is not the cooking that I find tedious but thinking what to have.  Things were much easier when I had a weekly menu I really should get back to that system, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

My vegetable box arrived yesterday and in it were a bunch of carrots still with their fluffy tops and also a bunch of beetroots with theirs so I now have a bucket full of greens for the hens not to mention the cobs from the corn which they love.  Yesterdays treat included some bacon rind and you should have seen the pandemonium that cause.  If you ever thought chickens were vegetarians you would have been in no doubt that bacon rind is a very highly prized treat and worth a great deal of fighting over.

James is staying at home as he has various things to do and he has invited some friends to come and pick raspberries which pleases me as it is a shame to see them fall on the ground uneaten.  We are not great fruit eaters so they tend to get wasted.  I sometimes wonder why I grow fruit but we do enjoy a little however there always seems to be tons of it.  I am too lazy to make jam as we don't eat that either so it is easier to throw the doors open and let others make use of the goodies.

Joy, I am delighted for you as you certainly chose the right week to have a holiday so I hope you are enjoying all the fine weather.  It is just getting light so it will soon be time to patrol the garden for little dog messages and get the bins out for the bin men.  Have a good day all, enjoy this nice sunny weather.

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