Wednesday morning

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs.  Dennie arrived bright and early and she got stuck into the cleaning while I took the car to the garage and James ran me home.  While I waited to hand the car in I got talking to a lady who had used the garage for years and was very happy with their service. She was also the mother of one of the girls in the team GB synchronised swimming team and had just returned from holidays to find complete brake failure.  

James on going battle with Scottish Provident is still progressing and we are hoping for some sort of resolution in the next month or so. Interestingly he took out the policy to cover him in case some disaster befell him so that his mortgage would be paid and he would have some money to live on. Good job he didn't have to rely on the policy and we were here to help him out as they have proved to be completely useless for the purpose intended.  

When we went up to let the hens out there was a blackbird trapped in the greenhouse Basso did his thing and caught the bird and gave it to me completely unharmed if you exclude a dousing in slobber.  I duly release the bird and it flew away hopefully learning a lesson.  Later when I put the hens to bed there was another bird in the greenhouse but this one didn't fair as well it got stuck behind a flower pot and in his exuberance to retrieve it from the corner one heavy paw dispatched the bird.  So I make that one all.  In all the mayhem some of my cucamelons were knocked off the plant and so are now ready to grace a salad.  I have no idea how you know if they are ready but I guess if the fall readily the must be ripe.

The garage didn't phone until 4pm when they told me to come and collect the car.  The guy at the garage was really nice and explained that he had done all he could but the car was asking for a software upgrade which meant going to main dealer.  I duly thanked him and asked what the damage was.  "Nothing", was his reply "if we can't mend it we won't charge".  Can you believe it!!!! in this day of money grabbing organisations there are still some truly honest people out there.  Well he will be getting all my business from now on so in the end his kindness will hopefully benefit his business.  Anyway to cut a long story short the car is going in to Land Rover on Thursday morning .  I was due to go to Shiona's house today but I am nervous of taking the car any real distance until it is repaired so she is bringing lunch to us and coming over here.  Hopefully she now has her new car so she will be happy to give it run.

For lunch we had a turkey breast piece roasted on a bed of mushrooms and onions and served with a portion of runner beans and carrots from the garden.  For supper I made some ravioli with the leftover crab pate that I let down with a little cream.  The remainder of the 200 g mix was run through the machine as angel hair and served plainly with beurre noisette, fried sage leaves and a grating of parmesan.  It is amazing how something so simple can be so delicious.  Now I really should have given this tip to Joy yesterday but my chef friend suggested that with homemade ravioli if you are worried that they will explode the answer is to drop them into boiling water then turn off the heat and let them cook in the very hot water which will take about 5 minutes but without being agitated and so breaking up.  This is a very good tip and you will know when they are ready just by the fact that they float when done.  Sorry this is a bit late but I didn't remember until I was cooking my own.

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