Wednesday morning

Who would have thought you could get as old as me and still be so stupid!!!   Who went out to lunch having had no breakfast and spent the first few hours working in the garden with the gardener.  I was hungry enough to eat a horse and so I tried for starter I had a plate of nachos which would have sufficed as a complete meal but after it came the main course 2 fried eggs 3 huge slabs of ham a pile of chips and a ladle full of baked beans.  Well I gave it good try but there was plenty left. The others too left significant quantities so I asked for some tin foil and the remainder fed my two dogs for supper.  The portions were vast and now being used to small quantities my poor stomach did its best but I left myself feeling quite poorly from over eating.  It was home to bed and a sleep after which I felt a little better but still full to the brim.  Supper was abandoned James had to fend for himself as both of us were completely wrecked.  Mike had had some tempura prawns to start and liver and bacon to follow.  The liver and bacon was served inside a huge yorkshire pudding and with a separate plate of vegetables containing mash, carrots and broccoli.  Including wine and soft drinks it cost us £20 per head which was not too bad and the portions were certainly generous. Should we ever go there again I would know to only have one course.  Needless to say no one even mentioned desert.

Mark did a splendid job of clearing the bed I have in mind for the bearded irises and the fact that I had let an entire butt of water drain on the bed made it that much easier to clear as the soil was damp.  

Every time Mark comes he brings his wonderful blower with him which is ideal to keep all the hard landscaping tidy and clean and with large areas of slate to keep looking good it is the ideal tool for the job.  I have coveted the blower for some time so finally I decided that it would be a good idea if I too had one as it is certainly easier than a broom.  Anyway to cut a long story short I have one on order and as it has a two stroke petrol engine I am going to have to learn how to start it.  I'm sure it can't be any harder than a petrol mower and I did that for years.  Come the autumn with all the leaf fall it will really be a boon so I am delighted as I will be able to keep the garden looking good between Marks fortnightly visits.

I'm not sure what is happening today as I don't know if Shiona is going to pop over.  I know she was hoping to have her new car by now so I expect she will come and show us her new acquisition.  I have a small turkey joint which I took out of the freezer yesterday thinking of supper but it will make an adequate lunch for us today.  I for one will only need a small portion as yesterday I ate enough to keep me going for a least a week.  The weather looks stable and settled and a bit cooler than of late so it should be a pleasant day.

Well on that happy note I am off to make the daily galettes and get to grips with the day.  Have a good one everyone.......  

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