Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday I was feeling so ropey that for once I did something sensible and went back to bed rather than out "dogging in".  As luck would have it Sandi rang me when she came back and said it was just as well I had not come as the farmer had his tractors out discing the fields so the birds had all gone for cover anyway.  Today, my insides feel much better but my back has decided to play up but I think that is from lounging around yesterday.  James, Jeff and I are going shooting this morning so I hope the early mist will have lifted by then.  You do need to be able to see the clays to shoot them even on a clear day it is not that easy with something the size of a very small saucer flying at 70mph.  To save me the hassle of cooking lunch we are going to stop at a local pub for a burger type meal.  

The house is immaculately clean after Dennies visit yesterday but I need to patrol the garden for dog mess before the bin men arrive.   One year at Crufts I bought the most wonderful poop scoop ever which has a long handle and a pistol grip so it makes short work of tidying up the garden.   It works in the same way as the grip things for picking up litter except you cover the head with a poly bag so you and the scoop stay clean then it is just a case of dropping the contents into the bin.

The garden looks very autumnal wreathed in a thick mist which is coming up from the river. Hopefully the sun will soon burn it off and we should have a clear day.  There is not the slightest breath of a breeze at the moment so the mist is just lingering.  

In my veg box yesterday we got a bunch of beetroots and this time I think they will be made into chutney.  Given that the beets are so sweet I think very little sugar if any will be needed but I would like to add some ginger to the mix to give it a little bite and maybe one small chili for heat.   Anyway that is not todays job but can be left for later in the week.  Chutneys are a very good way to use up gluts of vegetables.  

OK time I got going with something constructive have a good day all.......
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