Tuesday morning

As you can see the hens are having a fine old time shredding their bale of straw so it is providing them with the entertainment it was designed for.  Yesterday, was a lovely day with bright sunshine but it was nice and cool in comparison to the very hot weather we have had.  The laundry was all nice and dry in no time.  I had been watching Nigel Slater cooking the other evening and he made a sandwich with leftover ham and cabbage which was turned over in copious garlic butter before being put into a sandwich.  Well guess what I had lurking in the fridge? you got it, ham and cabbage so that is what we had for lunch.  It sounds pretty nasty but actually it was fine and everyone demolished their portion once they had got over the shock of the ingredients.  For dinner I had made some tomato sauce from all the little cherry tomatoes I had picked in the greenhouse so a bit of pasta was in order.  200 grams and 2 eggs made a good portion and once put through the machine it was put to dry on a makeshift drying rack.

With the pasta and tomato we had a piece of the special offer sirloin steak we had got from Aldi and together they made a very adequate supper.

While Mike was shopping he saw yet another orchid so my collection is now up to 4 and I have suggested that that is enough.  I now have a colour range from pure white through to a deep puce.  If I can keep them all going it will be quite an achievement but I am going to give it a go.  They do make a stunning display.  I must admit that I do prefer plants to cut flowers which never seem to last as long as I would like.

This morning I am destined to make an early start as I am going "dogging in" with Sandi but I must admit I am not feeling too bright the antibiotics have disturbed my internal combustion and my insides resemble a washing machine.  I have had a pretty disturbed night with periodic cramps so I will really have to pull myself together if I am to make it.  Hopefully a hot shower and some coffee will make me feel a bit more human.  Failing that there is always imodium if necessary as I don't fancy getting caught short in the middle of a ploughed field!!!!  I need to be out of the house by 6.45 so I had better get my act together and get into the shower.
Have a good day all .......
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