Tuesday morning

What a lovely day is was yesterday the weather was perfect.  It was quite chilly when I set off at 6.45 to go to Sandi's house.  We piled all three dogs into the back of her Land Rover and off we went.  I was very unsure how Basso would react to being asked to flush pheasants but I needn't have worried he was as usual in his element and treated it like rough shooting.  There were not that many pheasants around but those he did fine he flushed up into the air and then returned when whistled so exactly what was required.  Tramping across stubble fields is not the most comfortable walking but there was not too much to do.  Once we had driven the birds back to the cover we stopped off at the gamekeepers house to see his litter of the most gorgeous black and tan cocker spaniel pups who were just 7 weeks old and full of mischief.  The temptation to put one in my pocket before leaving was huge.  There was only one drawback to the whole experience and that was that Basso had filled his coat with sticky willy seeds which took me about half an hour of strong brushing to remove.  

I got back home around 10.30 and got stuck into making the supper which was a pair of duck legs which I slow cooked with tomato onion and garlic until it fell from the bones then served it with a plate of penne and a good handful of parmesan.  James friend had popped in around lunch time to show off his new motorbike so I put an extra portion of veal in the pan and stretched the tomato salad with a couple more tomatoes.

The little rain we have had was counteracted by the strong wind which has dried the garden completely so I spent quite some time yesterday evening watering the newer plants and giving the runner beans a drink.  Today I have a pair of duck breasts which I will have to stretch for three but I think if I pan fry them and then slice them onto a big salad that should be fine.  Supper I think will be runner beans and corn on the cob served with some ham and that will have to do.  I still have plenty of washing to catch up with so that should keep me out of trouble.

I was very pleased that my tetanus injection was completely painless but I do have a stiff arm this morning however nothing too bad I just know it's there.  The bitten finger is pain free which I find surprising but I am not complaining.  So far the antibiotics have not had any deleterious effects so all in all not a bad experience if you discount the hospital visit.  

Well that is about it for this morning just a light bit of cooking and some laundry today - enough to keep me busy but not exhausting.  

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