Tuesday Morning

Did you see any shooting stars? We stood no chance as the sky was wreathed in cloud and is still covered this morning.  Yesterday was a nice productive day we got the dogs out for a walk nice and early and as we drew into the car park there was a couple of Dutch people who has slept in their camper van which was actually just a big car.  The tailgate was open and on it stood a camping stove and coffee was being made.  I'm sure the local council would have gone mad if they knew there were people camping in the carpark but for myself I have no problem with them.  They were doing no harm and left no mess so I can't see a problem.  Sadly there were no bacon sandwiches on offer or they would have been extremely popular.  We then made our way to the garage and the car is booked in for 8.30 this morning.  Once they have diagnosed what the problem is they will then phone and let us know what needs to be done and how much it will cost!!!  Fortunately James can take me home from the garage as it is several miles away.  Then it was on to Aldi for some basics, milk etc and I needed some mushrooms for my chicken stroganoff which worked really well and who would have thought that one chicken breast could go so far.  In the ultra cheap department we also found more of the jars of crab pate so they were scooped up along with a lovely pig dog toy.  Rather than a squeak it has a very satisfying sort of snort which we found irresistible and kept the the queues of shoppers amused at the checkout.

Basso too was enthralled and the pig was immediately taken to his crate with other precious things.  I will have to remember to hide it when the terriers are here or it will get shredded in moments.  The crab pate came in handy as it made part of our supper which was just some chicken broth and hardboiled eggs stuffed with some of the pate.  I don't very often get out a piping bag but it makes stuffing eggs a bit simpler.

Today we are expecting Dennie so the house will be getting a birthday.  It is a real luxury to have her come once a fortnight and blitz the house.  For one thing it makes us clear up in anticipation of her arrival and she doesn't get distracted by things that need sorting out or cupboard which are in a mess.  I, on the other hand, set off with the best intentions but get side tracked very easily.  Today we are having a piece of turkey breast roasted on bed of vegetables which will do for lunch and then I rather fancy making some ravioli and filling them with the crab pate then serving with browned butter with sage and hazel nuts and topped off with a few gratings of parmesan.  Sounds good now all I have to do is make them!!!!  The thermomix makes the dough very nicely and with a pasta roller it is not such an onerous task.  I can remember my grandmother making fresh pasta and having to get the dough so thin with nothing but elbow grease and a rolling pin.  The huge sheet of pasta was then rolled up and sliced very thinly to make spaghetti.  Is it worth the effort well in my opinion yes it is.  Especially with all the assistance of modern machinery.

Well time I got going and did something more productive.  Have a great day whatever you have planned.


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