Tuesday morning

Yesterday saw us have our first real meal of carrots from the garden and what a treat that was.  The frondy tops went to the chickens but the rest we had with our little bacon joint which carved into exactly three slices.  Up to now I haven't been able to grow carrots as my ground has lots of flint in it and they tend to split and fork badly.  However, this time growing them in bags has worked very well.

We were forecast rain yesterday but none came until after I had lost hope and watered.  Talk about Sod's law.  It was nowhere near enough but beggars can't be choosers so I guess we should be grateful all the same.  

James made supper for us as he is the acknowledged expert on "pot sticker" dumplings.  Not quite on the diet menu but very nice nonetheless. 

Today is going to be quite busy as Mark is coming and I need him to clear an area ready to receive the new bearded irises when they arrive.  There are also a few shrubs which could use a trim and some which could use a severe cut back.  This always seems like an anomaly to me you spend all this time encouraging plants to grow and then you chop them down.  Cutting back does however encourage more bushy growth so it is necessary.  Then there is always the three D's dead, damaged and diseased which need attending too so there is never a day goes by then there is some job that needs doing.   

Once the gardening is done we are going out to lunch with some friends and we are going to try a local pub which is now under new management and advertises itself as a country pub and restaurant so we shall have to see what is on offer and hope it is better than it used to be.

Although it is directly on a corner of two roads it does have an extensive garden at the back and the roads are not very busy being country lanes really.  It could really do with some hanging baskets out the front but better none than baskets which are half dead.  Anyway, I will report on the meal in tomorrows blog.  I have no intention of sticking to my diet as this is a real treat so I intend to push the boat out.  Being on a diet can easily make you quite anal about food so I think the odd diversion is actually good for you and you don't need to beat yourself up about it.  Tomorrow is always another day and you can be good again.  Besides time with friends is much more important than a few pounds of flab.

I was chatting with another friend who is a devotee of the Dukan and lost lots of weight and she made a very pertinent comment.  Once you know that you can knuckle under and lose the weight relatively easily you don't worry about it so much and can put on the odd pound or two, then tighten your belt and take it off again.  She does have the added disadvantage of being married to a chef which is no real help.

We have a lovely cool start to the day at 14ºC and the sky is clear blue with hardly a cloud to be seen so we may have a very nice day.  One of the problems with English weather is that it changes so rapidly a drop of 15 degrees between one day and the next doesn't allow you to acclimatise but I for one am happy to live with that I couldn't bear it if we had really hot summers as I turn into a wet dish cloth in the hot weather.

Well time to get going I hear the shower calling me and before I know it Mark will be here.


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