Thursday morning

Yesterday was a lovely day not only in terms of weather but also in terms of entertainment.  the day had started off very misty and damp looking but as soon as the sun got underway the mist burnt off and we were left with a lovely sunny and rather warm day.  We took ourselves off to Badgers mount in the middle of Darenth woods where the shooting ground is and to our surprise there were not as many people as we had expected which meant we shot our round quite quickly.  

As you can see the terrain is fairly lumpy but at least the paths are well maintained so James managed to hobble around without too much trouble.  I shot really badly but that is not unusual however I had a good time nonetheless.  Lots of the clays were from left to right which is my bete noire.  Being right handed I shoot much better from right to left but the lack of practice was evident.

Once we had finished it was beginning to get quite hot so we headed to the pub for a lunch and a well earned drink then it was home to clean the guns and have a nice cup of coffee.  I sent Jeff home with some runner beans and half a dozen eggs.  Since moving the hens on to a higher protein food the eggs have improved and they are truly wonderful.  I was still feeling a bit rocky so I took myself off to bed for a rest before supper which none of us really fancied so we just had a fried egg and some mushrooms on toast which was ample.  

This morning we are heading off to go dogging in and I have the first ripe fig to take to Sandi who has a passion for figs.  If I have the opportunity once it is light I will also pick her some raspberries which are now in full swing.  I then have quite a busy day ahead as I need to make some bread and I am also going to make a big bolognese sauce some of which will be for lunch and the rest for the freezer.  I thought I would make the bread mix and put it in the fridge while we are out then put it to rise once we are back and if I get the bolognese done and into the slow cooker that too can be cooking while we are out.  I think the making of the chutney will have to wait until tomorrow when I also have a cake to make.  We have been invited to a barbeque on Saturday and a cake is always a useful addition.  

It is hard to believe that we are almost through August and heading into September and the autumn it seem only yesterday we were moaning about the cold wet spring and now we are praying for rain as the garden is so dry.  

Well with all I have to do I had better get a move on and get the cooking underway if I am to be out of the house by 7am.  It is just beginning to get light so time to get the show on the road.


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