Thursday morning

Summer is back with a vengeance, yesterday was hot and sunny but over night we have had some rain which is exactly how I like it.  We had a lovely day at Shiona's where we had a nice lunch of stuffed squid and insalata caprese which we ate in the garden.  The sun was so strong we had to sit under an umbrella for a bit of shade.  

On our way to her house we passed a property that had done something really clever.  They had erected a gazebo in their driveway in front of the garage which they were using as a car port.  What a cheap and clever way to gain a car port and give themselves some shelter for the car without having to put it in the garage each time or employ an expensive builder.  I only wish I had the room to do something similar as our garage is too narrow to take a car but it would be nice not to have to park it in the road.

This morning James and I are going to go "dogging in" and Sandi has managed to obtain a bale of straw for me which is destined to be put in the chicken run by way of entertainment for the hens. According to my chicken guru they just love pulling it all to pieces and it keeps them occupied for ages. This is where the Land Rover comes into its own as I have plenty of room to carry the odd bale of straw as well as the dogs and passengers.   At the moment we are having no trouble with feather pecking since moving them on to a higher protein diet and they are laying really well.  

Shiona was clearing out her freezer in anticipation of getting a whole lamb from the local farmer so we came home with some venison burgers half of which we had for supper and the rest we will have for lunch today.  I was also given a very large courgette which is almost a marrow.  I thought I would grate it and make a large batch of pancakes which I can then freeze for a later date.  I just love this time of the year when there is a plentiful supply of all sorts of goodies from the garden.  

It is still not light yet so I will get on with the courgette.  Once grated I usually put a bit of salt on it to draw out some of the water otherwise the pancakes tend to be a bit soggy.  By the time we are back from our expedition it should be ready to use.  

What is your favorite thing to do with courgettes? 


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