Thursday morning

We had a lovely day yesterday the weather was my idea of perfect.  It was still with no wind and a nice warm temperature but not hot.  Shiona came over bearing gifts she had a big bag of the last Kent cherries and four beautiful trout together with a broad bean tomato and onion salad.  I had made a loaf of bread and as soon as that came out of the oven we had room for the trout which were cooked in foil with their bellies stuffed with onion and lemon.  It was such a lovely summery lunch and we all enjoyed it.  

Shiona had brought her new car which is a Citroen Picasso in a lovely shade of blue.  It is a lovely car and they have tried to think of everything you might need with the exception of anywhere to dump rubbish.  The photo may not be the right model but the colour is correct.

We took the dogs out for a nice walk and Hamish managed to get into the river mud so he was banished to the back garden to have his feet washed.  I must admit he did look funny with his white coat and black wellingtons!!!!

Supper was an easy affair with just a couple of slices of toast and pate and a handful of cherries. Today Mike is taking our sick car over to Land Rover and hopefully we should get the fault mended but heaven only knows how much they will charge us.  

I watched Gloria Hunniford on the TV yesterday as she went through some of the labeling nightmare which is food shopping.  It was quite an eye opener and left me glad that I don't buy much in packets other than plain ingredients like flour etc.  Even M&S got hammered for their range of Lochmuir salmon.  There is no Lochmuir it is just a trade name and no such place exists it is just a marketing ploy to make you imagine a lovely Scottish Loch where the fish are happily swimming.  They are not alone in perpetrating this deception all the major supermarkets have the same tactics.

I finally stripped off the last of the fruit from my gooseberry bushes but I am in a bit of a quandary as to what to do with them.  I suppose I could make a crumble but we would only eat it which is not good for us so next thought is to make some chutney with them.  In the end I may just make them into stewed gooseberries and freeze so that I can have some with smoked mackerel or mix with some cream for a gooseberry fool.  They are dessert gooseberries so they need almost no sugar added as they are quite sweet in their own right.

For lunch today I have some lamb chump ends from the butcher which I have intentions of making into curry following a Madhur Jaffrey recipe which also includes some potatoes so I can dispense with the rice accompaniment.  It will all be a bit hit and miss as I have no idea how long Mike will be trapped at Land Rover but curry is very easy to reheat so it will be ideal.

Ok time to start topping and tailing the berries and get them to the freezer in whatever form I decide.  Have a good day all - we are forecast rain and we have had some over night but it is currently dry and very overcast. 

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