Thursday morning

At 10am on Tuesday morning I sat at my computer and ordered this 2 stroke blower and at 10 am on Wednesday morning it arrived.  That is exactly 24 hours; another miracle of the internet era.  You can imagine how thrilled I was and then came the dreaded reading of the instruction manual.  Mike had bought a 5 litre can of petrol and Shiona and I set to working out how much oil we needed to make a 1:25 mixture before we fill the reservoir and fired up the engine.  Just as Mark had said it fired up really easily with only a couple of pulls of the cord.  Then it was off round the garden blowing away leaves and debris from the slate and the fake lawn.  It looks like it might be heavy but it is so light it is really easy to carry in one hand which what attracted me to it in the first place.

The dogs got taken for a nice walk and for once it was pleasantly cool as there was a nice cold wind blowing.  I had put a turkey joint in the halogen oven for lunch and as I had lots of mushrooms I had sliced them and put them under the joint to cook in the juices.  We had some nice green beans and some of the first runners lightly steamed and that was lunch.  I was still feeling pretty dismal after my feast of the previous day and only ate a very small portion.  This meant that come supper time we were all pretty hungry and so we had kebab and salad takeaway which we allow ourselves from time to time as it is just grilled meat and undressed salad.  The pita breads are usually donated to the dogs who love them as they tend to be soaked in meat juices.

Today the temperature has dropped like a stone and we are at just 12ºC which is pretty chilly however I am sure that once the sun gets up it will warm up a bit.  I must admit I am very grateful that the killing, oppressive heat has now passed.  I have come to the conclusion that my favorite seasons are spring and autumn and I prefer deep snow to killing heat.  It is always easier to get warm than it is to get cool.  Fortunately, living in England heat is seldom a problem but there are occasions when I wish I had a swimming pool and the fish pond looks very inviting!!!! My plans for today are limited.  I know that Aldi have the 6 oz sirloin steaks on special offer at £3.99 which is good value for money as they are of the best quality and I have none left in the freezer.  There is also the possibility that James and I might go and shoot a bit of skeet but he has been having some terrible nights lately so I don't wake him in the morning and just leave him to wake naturally.

Now you might think the blower is a bit of a luxury and you would be right but when you see what the blackbirds have done in my flower beds you will understand why I am so delighted. Yet again they have tipped all the earth out of the flower bed and onto the path.  This is a daily occurrence and makes a real mess of the garden.  Sweeping it all up each day has become a real chore so the blower will make my life a whole lot easier.  This mess is repeated everywhere including the veg plot so a quick run round with the blower will straighten it all up again.

I would love to go and clear it up now but I don't think my neighbours would be too pleased if I fired up the engine at this time of the morning.  So in the meantime I will occupy myself in the kitchen doing quiet things.

Have a good day all and enjoy the cooler weather.  We are still desperately short of rain and I will have to water the garden today as there is no sign of any rain until much later in the week.


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