Sunday morning

Well for once the forecast was right it has bucketed down with rain for 24 hours and is still raining now.  At one point yesterday is was so heavy that the patio was completely flooded and the water was running down the road like a river.  Being on the top of the north downs we suffer with wind but at least the risk of flooding is a problem.

As it was such a wet day we decided to take a trip to the oriental supermarket in Greenwich.  As you can see it is the size of an aircraft hangar and takes quite a while to walk around.  I must say that there is probably 90% of the stuff I have no idea what it is or what to do with it.  However, I went with a list of things I wanted.  I bought half a duck and some pancakes which together with spring onions and some sweet soy sauce made a very acceptable lunch.  I also bought an assortment of pot sticker dumplings which are a family favorite.  My freezer is now full to bursting with lots of good things.  

Supper was an interesting affair. James friend had made him a cake for his birthday which was extremely rich with a swiss buttercream icing and lashings of strawberries and just one slice was quite enough for us.  I think it was about a million calories a spoonful so not so good for the figure.  

Talking of such things I have been watching "The men who made us thin" and while the whole slimming business is a total con one thing that came out was hopeful and that is that no matter what your weight the most important thing for your health is to be fit and it is perfectly possible to be fat and fit.  You only have to look at shot putters to see that they are not thin but they are very fit.  And I hadn't realised that the celebrities actually have contracts to first get fat then get thin so the womens magazines can tell the story.  What a con!!!!

I had ordered some hollyhocks which arrived yesterday and if the rain stops some time today I am hoping to get out and get them in the ground so they have time to establish before the winter sets in.  At least the ground should be soft after all this rain.

Now a disaster has just befallen me I have just noticed that my wedding ring is missing and have no idea how it can have happened given that it is a tight fit and requires maneuvering to remove.  So the job for today is to retrace all that I did yesterday in the hope of finding it. Wish me luck!!!!

P.S.  James has found the ring under my memory foam mattress topper how it got there is a mystery but at least it is back on my finger.


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