Sunday morning

The day started well but deteriorated towards evening when it became wet and windy and very autumnal.  While I was mixing up the dough for my loaf I also made some pizza base which I put in the fridge.  Come supper time it was an easy matter to add the toppings and slam into a red hot oven for 10 minutes.  I had made a tomato sauce in the thermomix which was just the right consistency to spread on the base.  The addition of mozzarella and some slices of chorizo made a very tasty topping.  Not strictly correct but better than the monstrosity that is ham and pineapple.

I managed to get out while the weather was good and plant my wallflowers but I was amazed at just how hard the ground was.  It was like digging in concrete and I had to put lots of water on the beds to even make planting possible.  Now I will have to keep an eye on the new plants and make sure that they don't dry out.  I think we have had some good rain over night so hopefully it will be a couple of days before I need to water again.   This has to be one of the disadvantages of living in this area and that is that we get very little rain in the summer which makes a lot of work with regard to watering.

I couldn't resist a photo of the lovely flowers on my orchid which is in flower for the second time - this is some kind of miracle and my regimen of soaking them every week on a Saturday seems to be exactly what they like.  Their position with plenty of light but no draught also seem to suit the down to the ground.  When we lived in Nigeria orchids grew wild in the the jungle trees and I remember my mother collecting some and draping them in the trees in the garden.  

On the menu for today I am going to make a dish from a lovely Turkish recipe book which is largely a big bean salad with some grilled prawns on top the dressing for the salad is made with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice.  For supper I have a nice smoked mackerel which will be good with horseradish and toast.  I find buying a whole fish from the fishmonger and filleting it myself is a better option than those ready done fillets which are inclined to be a bit on the dry side.

Well that is the plan for the day some gentle cooking and maybe a couple of loads of laundry if the weather looks better.  Have a good day all whatever the weather. 

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