Sunday morning

Good morning all, well at least it is 4am in the morning not 3am like yesterday.  I did go back to bed yesterday morning and slept for a bit but I woke feeling terrible it doesn't seem to do me any good going back to sleep.  I think I am better off just getting on with something and going for a sleep in the afternoon.  Last night I tried to watch another Swedish film with subtitles but very soon got too tired to read and lost track so I put it on to record and I will watch it when I am awake today.  

For lunch yesterday I did a Madhur Jaffrey recipe for lemony chicken with coriander which is one of my favorite curry dishes and served it with a small amount of rice each. I was very good and removed the skin from the chicken which I then rendered into chicken scratchings for the dogs.  As you will see I am gradually reintroducing carbs into the diet but in very small quantities.  The idea being to keep us on the straight and narrow so that we don't put on weight too quickly and have to resort to no carbs again.  Supper last night was a carb fest of beans on toast but just one thin slice of wholemeal homemade bread toasted on the griddle pan and a small portion of baked beans.   Today I have a lovely free range chicken to cook.  I think I will do the minimum possible to it as it is really good quality meat.  I will remove the wishbone to make it easier to carve and just dust it with salt and pepper then into the halogen oven.    As yet I have not made any plans for vegetables to go with it.  I have no potatoes in the house but discovered some vac packed ones in the freezer.  It is a small portion so ideal for sharing between the three of us.  Then the bulk of the meal can be made up of assorted other veg.  It is such a lovely time of the year with so many vegetables on offer.  

While we were out with the dogs I noticed that the blackberries are ripening well and some were ready to eat so the odd mouthful was had as we trundled along.  The wild damsons are a deep shade of purple but as yet are as hard as bullets.  I look longingly at them and wish I was a jam maker but what is the point if you don't eat jam and still have a cupboard full from previous years.  The sloes too are looking good but again I have to stop myself picking them as I don't drink sloe gin either.  I may make the odd bottle to give away as gifts.   Somehow it feels churlish to shun natures bounty.  I do find wild food pretty irresistible. In these straightened times turning away free food seems very wrong.  I wonder if the hens might like some fruit to eat?  I may pick some and see if they are interested.  They are very definitely not interested in all the apples which fall into their run and just leave them to rot.  Perhaps I should keep pigs - NO don't tempt me!!!!

I usually do the bulk of my washing on a Sunday but the weather forecast is not good and we are forecast for multiple showers.  However, if history is anything to go by we won't see a drop so I may as well get it done and hope for the best.  To that end I am off to strip my bed and get the sheets in the machine.  The men are still fast asleep so theirs will have to wait until later.  Now here is a conundrum why is it that if you wash a duvet cover it gets filled with all the other washing.  It doesn't seem to matter how you load the machine something always gets into the duvet cover even if you have done up the buttons or poppers.

Anyway have a good day all and enjoy your Sunday lunch whatever you have on the menu!!!!


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