Saturday morning

The first of the fig crop have suddenly ripened and I decided to make a tarte tatin which disappeared almost as soon as it was out of the oven.  I was lucky to get a picture before it got cut up and eaten.  As you know I am not one for desserts but this was surprisingly not too sweet despite the caramel and with a splash of cream it made a very acceptable sweet and very easy to make.  I also made an apricot and fruit cake for the barbecue today so there was little time for making lunch which turned out to be a red meal!  A slice of nice ham with some pepper and tomato stew and beetroot salad. I had abandoned the idea of making chutney as there was not really enough beetroot.  The last of the pepper stew got run down with some stock and made into soup which did us for supper with a slice of crusty bread.  

The weather was fabulous so the washing machine was going for most of the day as load after load went out on to the line.  The only problem with this washing frenzy is that I now have a mountain of ironing to keep me busy until it is light.  My first job however is to get all the orchids into the sink for a good hours soak which seems to be the best way of treating them.   

I have an appointment with the hairdresser first thing this morning and believe me it is really necessary as I could easily pass for an old english sheepdog.  Even Basso's coat is in better condition than mine.  Good job I am not showing him or the judge might have trouble distinguishing the dog from the owner.

The post brought my seeds for next year which is always exciting and should spur me on to clearing up the potting shed which is a complete mess.  I buy my tomatoes from a local nursery and I have decided to dispense with the cherry varieties and go for just the big tomatoes next year and a couple of cucumber plants.  The cucamelons were interesting but not something I want to repeat.  Over the winter I keep the parsley and chives growing in the greenhouse and I have enough basil to open a shop.  There is only so much pesto you can make and sadly it loses its flavour when frozen.  I have also made a bottle of basil oil but even that has only dented the surface of the crop.  I might try potting up the greek basil to keep on the kitchen window sill over the winter and see if that works.  The one glorious thing about gardening is that you always get another chance next year.  It has taken me years to grow carrots successfully but using the the bags this year has seen my first success.

Well thats about it for this morning the orchids are soaking so time to get the ironing done and out of the way.

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