Saturday morning

Yesterday was a nice quiet day and we had an assortment of bits and pieces from the garden for lunch.  Lots of runner beans, a handful of courgettes and lots of tomatoes.  I dug up the last of the garlic and put it to dry on the veranda of the shed.   We had a nice big bale of straw which we transported up to the chicken run and what fun the hens have had with it.  At first they were scared of this intruder into their territory but soon discovered that it was huge fun pulling it all to pieces.  The car looked a real mess with straw everywhere so we opened all the doors and used the blower to clear it.  Much easier than hoovering!!! I also took advantage of the good weather to wash all the dogs beds and get them out on the line to dry.  

For supper we had some stuffed squid which was done according to Giorgio Locatelli.  The stuffing is bread crumbs, anchovies, garlic, basil, parsley and parmesan cheese.  Then a few minutes on the griddle and into a pan of tomato and basil.  A green salad and a some crusty bread made a very tasty meal. 

Basso has taken this "dogging in" very seriously and he is making sure that the sparrows, blackbirds and pigeons are all sent out of the garden and back to the woods where they belong.  

Today is a really miserable day with the rain already falling and more forecast so a day for indoor activities I think.  We may take a trip up to the oriental supermarket as I am now out of various ingredients.  It is by far the cheapest place to buy such item as sweet chili sauce, pot sticker dumplings and frozen prawns and squid all of which make good standby items in the freezer.

Our "mean spirited', neighbours have been on holiday for two weeks and it has been lovely to walk about in the garden without being glared at.  It has also been really lovely and quiet; we never realise just how noisy they are until they go away.  Sadly it is likely that they will return today but you never know your luck perhaps they will be away for longer.  Every year for the past 30 years they have said they would be moving but it never happens.  It is such a shame that having rubbed along for so long without problems that now we are into a cold war situation.

Well time I got on with the Saturday chores according to gardeners world it is time to top out the tomatoes and make them concentrate on the fruit they already have.  I also give them a feed every Saturday and as you will see there is quite a crop coming on my tumblers in the window boxes.

The one good thing about tomatoes is you can never have too many as they can always be made into sauce and frozen.

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