Saturday morning

At the moment it is all quiet but according to the forecast we are due for plenty of rain and wind over the weekend.  It rained yesterday but we were not caught out as the dogs had had a walk at 6am before it all started.  On our walk I was surprised to see a seal in the estuary, something I have never seen before.  I suppose I spend a lot of time keeping an eye on the dogs rather than looking out to sea but it was a good feeling to see seals are fishing in the Medway.  

This photo is from google.  The one I saw was just bobbing about in the water quite some distance from shore so beyond my photography.  There are often fishermen on the banks who are after bass so I guess are the seals.

Once back home it was a case of getting stuck into bread making then lunch which was a delicious venison steak from Aldi with petit pois a la francaise and a big green salad.  I had two huge lettuces to use up so one went into the salad the other into the peas.  The bread was cold and ready for us to have a couple of slices for our supper.  I do need to get ahead with the bread so another loaf is going on today and hopefully I can get one in the freezer.  

Zoe, James friend, came round and relieved me of the gooseberries which she was going to make into a crumble or two.  She is hoping to have some chickens and came to discuss the pros and cons of poultry keeping.  My hens get visited twice a day once to let them out of the small run and once to get them back to bed.  I usually feed and water them in the morning and steal their eggs then in the evening they are locked back in their small run to keep them safe from the foxes overnight. Once a week, usually on a Saturday, I give them a good clean out and replace their bedding material which is shredded newsprint.  We use this as bedding as it contains no parasites unlike straw.  My compost heap benefits from all the waste products and the hens food is supplemented with kitchen waste so all in all it is a very easy way to ensure a constant supply of top quality eggs.  The only drawback is that they are a tie and you have to organised someone to keep an eye on them if you are going away.  In a way it is helpful as it makes me walk the length of the garden twice a day so I do spot impending problems.  

Our mean spirited neighbours have been on holiday for a week and you cannot believe how much more peaceful it is without them.  I never thought they were particularly noisy but the quiet is palpable so they must be.  The other neighbours despite having two growing boys don't make a sound.  If we are really lucky they may be away for a fortnight and we could have another week of peace and quiet.  Fingers crossed.

Today for lunch I have a small ham joint which I will roast and have with the remaining peas and some new potatoes.  The joint is so small that it will only do one meal for the three of us but would be ideally suited to someone living alone as it would provide several meals.  

The first of the plants I had ordered arrived yesterday so I now need a concerted effort to prepare their final place in the garden.  It should be a really good day for planting if I can get out before the rain.

Anyway first things first get some bread on to rise.....  Have a good day and I hope that the rain is not too much of a misery for you.

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