Saturday Morning

Well at last the heat has broken and is it beautifully cool this morning.  We waited all day yesterday for the forecast rain but not a drop fell until 1am this morning when we had a good thunderstorm and plenty of rain. This morning it is down to 15 degrees and brilliantly sunny so perfect weather.  Marjorie you have my deepest sympathy I don't know how you manage in 40ºC it must be hell and I understand what you mean about living in the dark.  After a while you begin to feel like a troglodyte.  The difficulty for us is the swift changes from 15 to 30 in a matter of hours.  Anyway we have at last had a good downpour which will save me the chore of watering for a little while.

Yesterday was another hibernating day once the sun was underway.  I worked quite hard making contraband items for today.  The smell of newly baked bread was almost more than flesh and blood could stand.  We did fall slightly off the wagon yesterday as we had a soup for lunch but I couldn't resist trying to make some ravioli with the crab pate that was left.  100 grams of flour and one egg made enough pasta for the ravioli and some noodles to go in our soup.  They were truly delicious and I can't see that much carbohydrate making much difference.  The veal got made into wienerschnitzel and by the time I had batted them out I had enough for supper and 9 portions to put back in the freezer.  Today is going to be a complete off the wagon day as we are expecting guests who are not dieting.  For tea we will be having crab and cucumber and egg and tomato sandwiches followed by victoria sandwich with cream and raspberries.  We have been so good up to now that I am not going to beat myself up over one day of indulgence.  

Today is my day for cleaning out the chickens but I think my time might be better spent on running the hoover around and making the house look respectable.  I will however feed the tomatoes in the greenhouse and in the window boxes.  We bought some nice plant pot holders in Aldi at the princely sum of £2 each and given that they are ceramic I think they are really good value for money.

They are the perfect size for my new orchid collection and match my neutral decor.  Talking of decor the whole house is in need of a coat of paint as it is beginning to look very dingy.  I think next year will be a decorating year for one thing I will be pleased to have Basso's slobber off the ceilings.  
Given the very indulgent tea time I am in a bit of a quandary as to what to have for lunch.  I think maybe some ham and salad will have to do.  I now have the ingredients for my oriental mix [garlic, coriander and ginger] which I have been adding to the galettes to make them very tasty.  It freezes in tiny containers so I make a big batch and freeze it.

Anyway enough gibbering time to get on with some work have a good weekend and enjoy the cool sunshine while you have the chance.

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