Pinch punch and all that

Well there goes another month and here we are in August.  Yesterday we were forecast lots of rain but not a drop fell.  Shiona arrive a little later than usual as she had had a problem starting her car. It seems that her battery was flat but that is not going to be a problem for long as she is awaiting delivery of a new car.  The roast chicken made a good lunch for the four of us together with some griddled courgettes.  The carcass is in the pot with the usual suspects and so a good dose of stock should result.  

After lunch, we first built a chair, which had arrived from Amazon.  I am in fact sitting in it at this very moment and very comfortable it is.  

Then we piled into the sitting room and sat and watched a DVD of "Robot and Frank" which is basically a futuristic story of a man with old timers disease or should that be Alzheimer's.   His loving family provide him with a robotic carer and from there the story gets its humour.  The old man is a retired cat burglar  so you can imagine how the story continues.  Anyway I don't want to spoil it for you if you are going to watch it.  It is fun with subtle undertones of sadness.

Partway through the afternoon we received a phone call from a neighbour of ours who moved to Chesterfield some thirty years ago.  They are going to be visiting Kent and want to drop in for cup of tea on Saturday.  That will be a real treat as we have not seen them for so long.  Both our families have grown up and flown the nest so we will have thirty years to catch up on.  

Shiona and I escaped to Aldi to do a bit of shopping as she was low on wine and needed to restock.  I bought the ingredients for a salsa which James is going to make and I have a piece of turkey to roast for lunch which will also fall to James as I will be out taking Mike to the dentist to have a filling.  

In the afternoon the weather turned hot again and it was very close and humid so for supper we just had a big bowl of shellfish soup.  I had put a the stock in the freezer so it was merely a case of adding the shellfish which were prawns and mussels and a bag of fish balls from the oriental supermarket. 

The diet is going well and I have now lost 11 lbs and have only about 7 more to lose before I am happy.  I think this time I may well try the stabilisation and consolidation phase of the diet in an effort to keep my weight under control a bit better and save me the pain of losing weight for a while. Anyway fingers crossed first I have to reach the target weight.

I think today is going to be hot and sticky so I am going to get going in the kitchen and get things prepared in the cool of the dawn - then I can collapse when the heat hits.  I only have three jobs left of monthly list the dogs ears, bank statements, and knives to sharpen.  Then today being thursday my chores are the bathrooms and toilets which will only take a few minutes to clean as they were done on Tuesday by Dennie so a lick and a promise will do.  Have a great day whatever you have planned and I hope the weather is kind to you.

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