Monday morning

The rain finally stopped at about 10 am, over the 24 hours we must have had  a good couple of inches of rain.  In the post arrived some gentians that I had ordered so I got them straight out and into a suitable pot.  Planting the hydrangea into the garden where it will stand a better chance than in a pot for the winter. They look a bit pale in the photo but they are a true gentian blue and are looking really splendid in the blue ceramic pot.  I also managed to plant 12 hollyhocks in various places around the garden.  I will now need to keep an eye on them if we have another dry spell but if they establish they should look really good next year.  Mike bought me yet another orchid so my collection is now three.  If I can manage to keep them all over the winter I will be very pleased. They seem to really like the position I have chosen for them so fingers crossed  I can quite see how people become addicted to growing these beautiful plants.

I had a nice piece of loin of pork for the weekend but it is still in the freezer as we ended up eating up the leftovers and garden produce.  I gave my nice neighbours a big handful of runner beans as we are already getting sick of them and I have pressed them to pick the raspberries which are quite prolific on their side of the fence.  I also put in an order for next year's seeds.  For autumn planting I have ordered just elephant garlic which is really delicious and not something you can buy in the shops.  In the bean department I have ordered climbing borlotti beans as well as some yard long beans which I thought would make a change from runners.  The catalogue suggested growing a companion planting of nasturtiums to keep the aphids away.  I think these will look rather splendid amongst the beans.

I do love this time of the year when all is hope for the next season.  Getting out into the garden after the rain was a joy as the ground was soft and yielding so the weeds just popped out, even the dandelions came up without a struggle.  

Today the sky looks very overcast and thick with cloud but it is dry at the moment and we are not forecast any more rain for a while.  My big pond was very short of water but it is now full to the brim so even the fish are happy.  Today for lunch we will be having some homemade pasta with a tomato sauce made from the myriad of tiny cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse and the copious amounts of basil.  I have already made tons of pesto and frozen that along with lots of coriander, ginger and garlic for oriental dishes.  It is quite crazy how much the seasons affect me in autumn I have a burning need to preserve, freeze and pickle everything in sight and in the spring I cannot resist planting things and dreaming of the huge crops they will produce.  I think I am much nearer swinging in the trees than I would like to believe!!!!!


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