Monday morning

What a day of excitement I had yesterday.  I decided to cut Nip's nails and in the process managed to get bitten.  He obviously had got fed up with the the process and snapped at me catching my finger. It was a deep bite with much spilling of claret and a few rude words uttered.  I immediately cleaned the wound and staunched the bleeding then dressed the wound with a couple of plasters.  James was concerned that I had not had a tetanus injection for probably 15 years so he rang 111 who said that I should go to casualty as I would need both tetanus and antibiotic cover.  They would email the department and tell them that we were on our way.  Sounds good! so off we went but on speaking to the receptionist we were informed that they don't have email at the Medway.  I was directed to stand behind a yellow line and wait.  This I did, and shortly was seen by the triage sister.  She asked me what had happened and I explained that I didn't require anything done to the wound which was insignificant but would need a tetanus booster.  She then directed me to wait to be seen by minor injuries which had a mile long queue to which I commented that it was a good job I had done the lunch before coming.  She immediately jumped down my throat and told me not to be so rude!!!  I ignored this outburst and went to wait.  James meanwhile was trying to ask the receptionist what we should have done in the circumstances.  However, he was cut off mid sentence by the very ruffled sister who basically told him she was not interested in what he thought and flatly refused to let him finish his question.  He then became angry at her arrogant, rude interruption and said so.  She then called security and we were ejected.  I was speechless and stunned!!!!

We returned home and contacted 111 to let them know that the information they had given us was incorrect and that Medway had no email.  We were then directed to Sittingbourne Memorial hospital where they have a minor injuries clinic.  Once there I was treated with kindness and courtesy and in approximately 20 minutes I was seen by a nurse who gave me a tetanus booster and a course of antibiotics.  She examined and redressed the insignificant but deep wound and we were back home in no time.  What a difference in attitude.  Since the debacle with James I had said that the only way I would ever go to the Medway was unconscious and on a stretcher, I should have stuck to my guns.  That the hospital have a problem with the 111 service I do not doubt but to take it out on a patient is unforgivable.   It is no wonder that they are under special measures if this is how they treat people.  

Anyway, lunch was really very nice the bean salad and griddled prawns were very tasty and the dressing of tahini lemon and garlic was really delicious.  Supper was the smoked mackerel with some sliced onions and capers to dress it and served with bread and butter slices from the freshly made loaf. 

Today I also have some excitement.  Basso and I are joining Sandi to "dog in" the pheasants for the shooting season.  This basically entails driving the birds back out of the fields and into the woodland.  This is a job Basso has not done before but I hope he will be good and not catch any of the birds.  Anyway, fingers crossed all goes well.  It will be an early start as I need to be at Sandi's house by 7.15 good job I am up at the crack of dawn.  The job should take no more than an hour or so and I should be back home with plenty of time to do my chores and hopefully with one exhausted dog.  


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