Monday morning

Well thats another weekend done and we are back to another week.  Yesterday's weather was just as expected the only shower of rain we had fell just as my laundry was almost dry and we had to dash out and collect it. Once it was all in and on the clothes horse the sun shone and it was dry for the rest of the day.  

Lunch was a very splendid affair with roast chicken, potatoes lyonnaise and creamed spinach.  All in small portions but delicious nonetheless. The bird had been brined and then cooked in the halogen oven so those of you who use halogen will understand just how juicy and delicious the bird was.  Supper too was not at all bad, as I had taken some chipolata sausages and some tomato sauce out of the freezer and used them to top a small portion of pasta.  We are having a rest from the diet as we have all lost significant amounts of weight and so we feel justified but I will get get us back on the diet if things start to get out of hand.  One of the interesting side effects is that as soon as I have reintroduced carbs to the diet I have simultaneously added wind to the equation.  Concluding that carbs cause wind, it is not only beans but all carbs.  Anyway, it is a small price to pay for the privilege of having some nice things back on the menu.

I have one chicken breast left over and in order to stretch it for three I am going to make a sort of chicken stroganoff for lunch with loads of onions and mushrooms to make up for the lack of meat. Mike has to take the car to the garage this morning as we are having problems with the suspension, which in the Discovery, can be raised and lowered.  Ours is stuck at normal height but we have a warning light on which is disconcerting.  I have a nasty suspicion that this could be an expensive repair so we are avoiding Landrover where it costs £500 to pass through the doors and are going to take it to a local garage and hope they can deal with the problem.  We have had this happen once before but the car was still under warranty so it cost us nothing to have the compressor replaced. We really only use the different suspension heights when we are towing the van or if we have people with short legs in the car who would otherwise need a parachute to exit.  For ourselves we keep it at normal height most of the time though I do raise it when off road during the shooting season so I don't knock the sump out of it.

I have no real plans for the day until I know what is happening with the car.  I have been invited to Shiona's on Wednesday and out for lunch with Elaine one day and Sandi and David would like us to join them for a lunch at a local pub but everything depends on the availability of the car.  We will either have a full week of entertainment or a miserable week paying for repairs to the car, only time will tell.

I must admit I am delighted that the heat wave has passed and things are much more comfortable now with the temperatures only reaching the mid 20's rather than the mid 30's.  The night and early morning temperatures are down and sleeping is much easier.  This morning the sky is very overcast but we are hoping for a clear night tonight so that we can see the meteor shower as we pass through the tail of Swift-Tuttle comet.  The difficult bit for me will be staying awake long enough to see it and also we have a great deal of light pollution from the A2 high street which is only yards away.  Anyway we are going to give it a go and hope for the best.  Our flat roof gives us a good vantage point and I have threatened to tie James to the railings as we don't want another incident of falling off the roof :)

Wish us luck with the car and lets hope the rest of the week pans out well.................

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