Monday morning

According to the weather forecast today is supposed to be wet but at the moment it is dry and knowing our luck we probably won't get much rain.  I would be pleased if we got some significant rain as the garden is so very dry.  I dug a hole yesterday to plant the fuchsia and discovered that only the top inch of soil was damp further down it was concrete.  

Yesterday, was a very pleasant temperature and we had a nice walk with the dogs.  There is an area which is an old wharf and industrial site which they have left.  The buildings have been demolished but the concrete base has been left and is surrounded by nice high railings.  There were several fishermen there waiting for the rising tidy before casting their rods in the hope of catching some bass.  I know there are nice bass in the river as I have had them from the fishmonger before. Anyway we stopped and had a nice chat with the fishermen while we tried to stop the dogs eating their bait.

All the bedding dried beautifully on the line and I only have a bit of ironing for my delectation this morning.  

A you can see from the photo my first orchid is just about to burst forth with yet more flowers so I guess I must be doing something right.  The chosen position seems to suit them as they get plenty of light and warmth from the sunshine.  It is very pleasing to have a bit of success as I am a complete novice where orchids are concerned.  They do make very nice house plants when they are in flower and a friend told me that she has a couple of silk flowers that she puts in the pots when the orchids are in their dormant phase so they look good all the year round.

Yesterday I made a batch of meatballs with some mince and in lieu of bread I added some of the oat bran, which abounds in this house at the moment.  They were flavoured with rosemary, sage, garlic and onion then poached in some of the tomato sauce I had made and frozen.  The oat bran was just enough to stop them becoming little cannon balls so it worked very well.  I must remember this when life goes back to normal and I have no bread for meat balls.  I know that Nigella has been known to blitz up some pita bread for this purpose so it seems almost anything will do.  

Today for lunch we have a very small joint of ham which is due to be roasted in the halogen oven. However I am clean out of vegetables and my box is not due until tomorrow so I will have to get a few courgettes and some carrots to tide us over.  With no carbs to fill up with you do tend to eat more greens which is no bad thing.  I was expecting to see a reflection of my misdemeanour with the victoria sandwich when I stood on the scales this morning but my weight has stayed stationary so I am not unhappy at least there is no increase.  I must admit I am getting tired of the diet food but I do need to press on for another 6 lbs then I can look to having a bit more normal a diet.  Already my clothes feel more comfortable so the loss is noticeable.  And on that happy note I am off to make a batch of galettes for the day.  Have a good one and even if you have rain just think how grateful your garden will be. 
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