Friday morning

What a lovely day we had yesterday Sandi and David came over and James and I went with them to Dartford shooting club and shot a couple of rounds of skeet each.  The weather was perfect with no wind but it did get a bit hot come midday.  In the photo you can see an earth bank just behind James but what you can't see is that the river Thames flows past on the other side and sometimes you see big ships making their way up river which looks really strange.

After we has shot a couple of rounds we headed for the club house which has a nice big veranda and that is where we sat to have a big mug of tea and a bacon and egg sandwich each which was just what the doctor ordered.  We none of us shot particularly well or particularly badly and general good fun was had by all.  We didn't get back home until about 3pm by which time I was ready for a rest and James who has been sleeping particularly badly keeled over and slept right through until this morning.

The mess in the garden was a very easy job to clear up with the new machine and it fired up really easily which was a bonus.  I had put the water on the veg plot for an hour in the morning in an effort to keep the soil a bit moist.  The runner beans have been attacked by black fly and look pretty sorry for themselves so they were given a bit of a spray and with any luck the crop will not be affected too badly.

Today I have to make a carrot cake which I will take to the party tomorrow.  It is ages since I have made a cake so the Mary Berry book is close at hand.  The only thing I really hate about cake making is working with icing sugar which a] gets everywhere and b] gets into my mouth and I hate the sweet taste.  Anyway, fingers crossed that all goes according to plan and I end up with a reasonable cake.  

Have a good day all the weather is really lovely now if only we could have a good downpour over night it would be perfect.   It is never quite right is it?

p.s. three cheers it is raining cats and dogs here now

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