Friday morning

One tired but very happy dog - so much for his bath you would never know that he had had one!!! He had a lovely morning dogging in the pheasants and ran miles over the stubble fields to drive them back to their cover.  He is also pretty determined that any birds in the garden also need to be sent back to the trees and is happy policing the pigeons.  I for one will not be deterring him!!!!  We were so lucky as it rained heavily yesterday but not until after our dogging in session.  I was delighted with the rain as it is the first real rain we have had for ages and at last the ground in the garden look a bit wet and I will not need to water other than the green house.

The huge courgette I grated, salted, rinsed then wrung out in a tea towel then added eggs, cheese, spring onions, and a small amount of red pepper. Once fried off they were delicious with the bambi burgers we had for lunch.

Today is James birthday not that we are doing any great celebrations he has however asked for pot sticker dumplings for lunch and as luck would have it I have just enough for a portion for him.  He is feeling a bit sore as he came dogging in with us yesterday and possibly overdid things a little.  He would like to come shooting on Wednesday by which time he should have recovered.  It is however quite a miracle that he is back up on his feet and able to get around much better.  Given the state he was in he has made a good recovery and all the hours he spent doing his physio exercises has really paid off.

Today I need to make a loaf of bread so that is where I am headed now to get that underway.

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